Gord Buhr

  • Classic’ed at Grand today. Trail is treacherous. Grooves are shallow and fading. Some rocks showing through and some bare spots starting. I would think by the weekend the classic trail would be in shambles. Lots of walker evidence on the opening climb. Skate deck looks skiable but it’s hard pack and icy.
    If you want to get out there once…[Read more]

  • Gord Buhr posted an update in the group Group logo of SandilandsSandilands 7 months ago

    The trail was being groomed friday afternoon as I skiid. It’s in pristine condition.

  • Groomer was out Friday, trails were in pretty good condition friday night.

  • Did not appear to have been groomed but the skier track was pretty good for a skier track.
    Signs of a single walker beside the trail… seemed to have only done the Elm trail though…At least that person stayed on the side but even one walker is bad because that attracts many walkers…..

  • Gord Buhr posted an update in the group Group logo of Brandon HillsBrandon Hills 7 months, 4 weeks ago

    Skiid on Monday night. Tracks were deep, firm and crazy fast. Brilliant work by the groomers to make a walking path beside the ski trail. I saw almost zero evidence of walkers in the tracks (1 foot print on a hill)
    Miscellaneous debris on the trail here and there (leaves mostly and one place where the deer had been nibbling on branches.…[Read more]

  • Gord Buhr posted an update in the group Group logo of PinawaPinawa 8 months ago

    Skiid the Red trail and the Golf Course loop yesterday with some buddies. I concur with the last report about the red trail.
    The Golf course loop was in stellar condition. Lots of snow and good grooming all around

  • As of Friday night the Wild Grape, Elm and Basswood trails were in stellar condition