Gord Buhr

  • Skiid bluestem and chickadee today. Trail is nice and fast but leaves are starting to be a problem, grabbing your grip wax.

    Crossed the group use road on the chickadee return and saw that it had been groomed but there was a trail and splatter pattern of red liquid.

    Couldn’t tell if it was transmission fluid or hydraulic but it went as far as I…[Read more]

    • Gord, thanks for the update. My guess is that [whatever part] failed during last week’s grooming, they fixed it, and this was its first post-fix use … that ended in failure again.

  • Bluestem, Chickadee, Aspen and Esker all appeared to be ungroomed.
    Bluestem was worst, unstable track, easy to fall off the side. Chickadee was better because of more traffic.
    Wondering if BHP will delay track setting until the Pisten Bully is back?

  • Spruce trail, skate deck is uneven with lots of debris in the middle portion. Big holes in the snow and rocks sticking through in a couple of places. Some sections were pretty hard to ski because of debris.