• Birds Hill Park, Thursday afternoon:
    Bluestem, Chickadee, and Esker continue to be very good.
    The Group Use Road has been groomed … fresh corduroy!

  • Apparently, all trails were groomed — including classic tracks — on Tuesday afternoon.

  • soft, slow and fun!

  • Trails are still skiable but getting sloppy with the gradual build up of snow in the tracks.
    They could use a redo this week if the equipment is available. Lots of snow on the sides of
    the trails to work with. Thanks BHP!

  • Will the classic trails be groomed this afternoon?

  • Birds Hill Park, Saturday late morning, -18° to -16°, sunny, windy.
    16 members of the Charleswood Ski Club skied on machine groomed trails: Esker, Chickadee, west Bluestem. Beautiful conditions … almost A+.
    Lime Kiln appears to be skier-tracked.

  • Was just told over the phone there isn’t enough snow for classic trails as of yet for anyone else wondering.

  • Arni Jakobson posted an update in the group Group logo of Windsor Park Nordic CentreWindsor Park Nordic Centre 1 week ago

    The blue loop is all groomed well for skate except for Brent’s loop. No grooming yet, but it should be right away as opening day is tomorrow. My ski there yesterday was terrific! Get out there already if you wish before waiting, as the skate path is in near perfect condition! No classic tracks laid as of yesterday yet. Hoping for some right away

  • Kevin Miller posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 1 week ago

    Posted on the Facebook group “A Cross Country Ski Club” on Thursday afternoon:
    Pretty Well Perfect Conditions On The Chickadee Trail This Morning…Pretty Well All The Bare Spots Have Been Filled In With The New Snowfall.


  • Do we have enough snow to open now?

    • Opening day is tomorrow John, but if you want to get out there already, the blue route is all groomed well for skate!

  • Did all of Bluestem yesterday. Tracks are in great shape for the most part except for some grass and dirt here and there that you can easily dodge plus you will have to take your skis off to cross the GUR as it is now solid pavement. Other than that, great skiing!

  • Saturday 4-630PM. The west bluestem trail is still in very good shape and well defined and fast . Only slightly glazed with the odd bare patch and still easily avoidable . East bluestem is ok also, but west is the fastest. Used a bit of sticky wax and skating poles to double pole half the time. Lots of traffic on the main road, but Chickadee lot…[Read more]

  • Saturday morning, 6:45am.
    Skied the chickadee track. Conditions were good and surprisingly quick. There are tufts of grass poking out on occasion and the odd twig making its presence known. The tracks held up to the warm overnight temperature and if the sun stays at bay, the tracks may hold throughout the day.

  • Allan H posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 1 week, 6 days ago

    Friday afternoon 2:30 BHP +1c
    Skied Esker, and parts of Chickadee and bluestem. The sun and warm weather has had little effect on the trails, just the odd spot.
    All the do not walk on the ski trail signs are up, just a few foot prints on the trails.

  • The 3 classic trails that have been groomed continue to provide excellent skiing at BHP. Firm tracks with very little debris. Thanks to BHP for deploying the snowmobile based grooming equipment in the absence of the PistenBully. As we know , the PistenBully makes durable tracks that are second to none but under low snow conditions , the snowmobile…[Read more]

    • I have been advocating for years for the use of light equipment in early season and low snow conditions. It is clear that great trails can be made with light equipment. Having multiple tools for different conditions is the best.
      I agree a this should be permanent tool for grooming options.

      Thanks again parks

    • I agree! Great idea to throw to the parks staff.

  • HBock posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 2 weeks ago

    Thanks to the BHP staff …great grooming for this time of the year!

  • Bluestem double tracked and in superb condition! The grooming was so good that it makes me wonder if the PistenBully has returned from Calgary. No noticeable seam in the middle of the 2 tracks and a perfect transition the whole width all the way! Thanks BHP staff!

  • Wednesday mid-afternoon we were happy to discover that Esker was groomed. It was double-tracked and in good shape aside from the occasional grassy spots. Lime Kiln was only skier tracked.

  • BHP Bluestem was surprisingly a good ski this morning. Firm groomed double tracks all around the 14 km loop. Just a few spots with some grass poking through the snow. Used our good skis. No problem. chickadee was also double tracked and did not appear to have any walker damage yet.
    GUR didn’t look to have been recently packed and there a…[Read more]

    • Allan H replied a minute a
      There are just the two trails groomed chickadee and bluestem,
      i’m thinking nothing will be done on the group use road till the work is done and the trucks are off the road. It was plowed from the gate heading east today. So if you are on bluestem where it crosses the road by the gate, it is bare pavement.

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