Floyd Reichel

  • Looking for some fresh snow? Journey to Hecla where there is much more snow than Winnipeg and the trails were freshly groomed on Wednesday. The result is good to very good tracks. Watch for the 2 owls near the park entrance and bald eagles flying overhead.

  • Floyd Reichel posted an update in the group Group logo of Pumpkin CreekPumpkin Creek 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Had a wonderful ski at Pumpkin Creek Monday on fresh grooming. The snow was cold with great glide and any icy conditions were covered. There were a few areas where grass or dirt is showing so you may not want to bring your best skis although all obstacles were easy to avoid. Looking forward to next year when we can do the always enjoyable…[Read more]

  • Skied the Esker and Lime Kiln trails and found them to be in very good condition and surprisingly fast in these cold temperatures. There is some damage on the Lime Kiln for about 100 yards as an ATV entered the trail from the closest point of the snowmobile trail. There is a big open field in this area with only a small sign to deter snowmobilers…[Read more]

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    Ski Birch is a wonderful venue with awesome hills rarely found elsewhere in Manitoba. The classic tracks were in very good shape and there was lots of snow for control on the sweeping downhills. The wind was howling on the drive in but all is calm on these trails hidden in the woods. Washrooms are not open at this time so come prepared.

  • Wednesday’s grooming over fresh snow has resulted in excellent conditions. Only a couple of rocks to avoid. No grooming beyond the Beaver Pond cabin but it is skier tracked.

  • Yah, I know it’s cold but Windsor Park is in near mint condition for classic and skating and has double classic tracks in the traditional places. Get out and enjoy.

  • 4 or 5 cm of fresh snow fell on yesterday’s (Thursday) grooming which has improved conditions and leveled out the skate deck. All classic tracks are now well skied in and in good condition. The new snow has covered all the sand and rocks (I only saw one rock at the bottom of “Suicide Hill”, a.k.a. The Wall). The Beaver is not groomed beyond the…[Read more]

  • Just want to echo Craig’s comments from yesterday. I found the classic tracks are very good to excellent and the skate deck is poor to good (Blueberry is good). OK to use your good skis if you avoid the occasional rock and some dirt patches. The Beaver is groomed to the Beaver Pond shack but closed and ungroomed beyond.

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    Thursday: The snow grabber worked wonders as the green and black trails were in good shape and rock skis are not required. However half of the yellow trail has been destroyed by an ATV from the road to the blue trail turnoff. There were also 12 hikers on this part of the trail that I had a hard time convincing them of the damage they were doing.…[Read more]

  • Parks staff report: We are still clearing snow today with the winds yesterday created a lot of drifting. With limited staff this time of year we are limited to what can be done. Road plowing, garbage removal and recycling from the cottage subdivision take precedence. Staff are off at noon today and will not be back until mid next week. The trails…[Read more]