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    This one is an adventure, alright!

    We stopped in on our way home from the Whiteshell yesterday. The road is definitely impassable to normal vehicles after the Discovery Centre. But maybe having to ski the last kilometre down the snowmobile track to the trailhead is not a bug, but a feature: it turned our “we’ve skied enough today; let’s just take a peek to suss out what these trails are like” into “well, we’ve come this far already…”

    We found a ton of snow on the trails, with no sign of ski tracks whatsoever. Who knows when the trails were last skied… but the last skiers to sign the log at the trailhead were on Boxing Day!

    But luckily, two snowshoers (to whom we are eternally grateful) had been there the day before, and tramped things down a bit. Otherwise, we would have been in up to our knees on the trail (and hip deep off the trail, as I discovered every time I tried to take a few steps to the side for a photo).

    We followed parts of the Pine and Bog Trails to the full River Loop. The trails are quite cute and glimpses of the river, with pockets of open water, are scenic. There are no hills to speak of, rather it’s all gently rolling on a small scale. The one exception is a giant bank near the far end of the river loop, which you can optionally climb for some pretty views.

    There is one 3.5-sided log shelter with a stove but no woodpile. And there’s a nice picnic area at the far end of the River Loop.

    There is clear signage at all trail intersections, and maps posted too. Our commendations to the volunteers cleaning up these trails: they’ve done good work. Hopefully, someday, these can become groomed trails… but meanwhile, they’re still a fun if slightly adventurous spot to explore. Go now, while our tracks are still fresh!

    Lost and found note: there was a pair of wire rimmed glasses hanging on the trail map at the first intersection between Bog and River Loops.