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    Thought we might be in for some sketchy conditions as we drove up to the Brandon Hills today: nearby roads and fields were heavily iced up after the freezing rain. But trails were safe, with some new snow over hard pack.

    We skied the A, B, and C loops. One skier had been there ahead of us. Aside from his marks in the shallow new snow, you’d never have guessed by looking that A is a ski trail. A thorough trampling by walkers had completely obliterated any sign of previous ski tracks. The B and C loops were better. They had still seen a fair bit of walking traffic, but you could at least tell that, once upon a time, the trails had been tracked for skiing.

    As we were leaving, the groomer had just arrived and was doing a texturizing pass. Unclear if he was going to do another pass to track it.

    In my experience, the Brandon Hills are a little hit or miss if you’re looking for reliably groomed conditions: there are just too many walkers. But the trails are pretty, nicely sheltered and with some good hills, so as long as you know what to expect, it’s worth a ski.