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    Purple, Green, Black, Grey and the Connector were excellent today. A pair of walkers had left footprints in places, but they stayed off the tracks and (mostly) off the pole plant zone. Snowy forest was gorgeous and the -19°C weather felt so much warmer than the last while.

    We didn’t venture across the roads, but the Sandilands website indicates that Red and Orange were groomed on Jan 2nd, and Yellow on the 30th.

    The parking lot has not been ploughed, but there was room to park safely on the highway shoulder.

    • I did the Yellow trail in a clockwise direction and noticed that a new trail has been cut which bypasses the old narrow gully descent to the Yellow/Blue junction where removing your skis and walking down had been the practice the last few years. The new downhill is wide allowing for a person to snowplow safely so now you can actually ski down. Bonus!