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    Figured yesterday would be a day for klister, given the icy conditions elsewhere and the warm temps and rain on the drive up. But ended up using polar wax, thanks to a dropping thermometer and a thin skim of fresh-fallen snow (which became a medium skim, by the time we left). Conditions exceeded expectations.

    The base has become somewhat icy and relatively thin, but there is still excellent snow coverage, with only a couple of tree roots peeking though. The track is likewise also shallow, but it’s intact throughout, with no braiding. Careful herringboning and effective snowploughing are still possible.

    Oak Ridge had blustery gorge views on the way in, with speedy double poling on the home stretch. Scott Creek has seen less traffic… at least of the human variety: the second half of this trail was thick with fresh wolf tracks of all sizes. The creek crossing was still safe, but hard to say how long it will hold up. This makes a good turn around point anyway: the very little bit of trail on the other side was torn up a while back by a driver (side-by-side?) and has frozen up lumpily.