• Elise Watchorn posted an update in the group Group logo of PinawaPinawa 6 months ago

    Skied the blue, green and red loops today. The JGG Freeway has not been groomed yet this year, alas. Red is excellent (for classic — sorry skate skiers); the others decent. Doesn’t look like blue / green has been regroomed since some snowshoers, walkers and huge wolves have been by, but enough skiers have gone through to have smoothed things out well. Snow was surprisingly fast despite the -25ish temps… or maybe that was the high fluoro glide wax I applied last night. There are still a few tiny spots of granite peeking through the snow (luckily only on the uphills, not the downs). Keep an eye out for the little mink’s artisanal fishing operation below the dam – he was very busy this afternoon, and our only company on the trails.