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    Skied Green, Black, Purple and Grey loops on Saturday afternoon. All had been groomed well on Friday: snow was quick and tracks were excellent. Minor quibble that the packed snow surrounding tracks was on the soft side, so double poling was less efficient than it could have been. Already a snowmobile had destroyed a short section of Black (maybe half a kilometre). There was one small icy section where Green crosses a little wetland, and a few sand patches poking through, mostly near the road, but these were easily avoided and I don’t regret bringing the good skis. Overall, very good conditions! And lots of company, including many skiers taking advantage of the warm temps, whiskeyjacks and woodpeckers enjoying the regenerating jackpine forest, and the deer we spooked on Purple.

    • We met one of the groomers on the trail and were told that the reason for the soft pole plant area is that Sandilands has not received the amount of snow that Winnipeg has so that when they groomed the trail they had to bring the snow from the sides of the trail into the middle in order to set the tracks. Agreed, wonderful skiing nonetheless.