Elise Watchorn

  • Skate great and classic passable in soft spring corn snow on the west side trails. Some medium sized bare patches to dodge, but nothing to portage just yet.

  • Grand Beach received a decent skim of fluffy stuff overnight, making for better than expected classic skiing this morning. There are a handful of bare patches or rocks to lift a ski over, but otherwise trails are still white edge to edge. The base is essentially solid ice though, so avoid the big hills or I guess just try not to die.

    • If that’s not your jam, rumours on FB suggest that other, flatter trails in the area may have similar conditions right now: Vic Beach or Pine Falls might have that new snow sans the slopes.

  • Figured yesterday would be a day for klister, given the icy conditions elsewhere and the warm temps and rain on the drive up. But ended up using polar wax, thanks to a dropping thermometer and a thin skim of fresh-fallen snow (which became a medium skim, by the time we left). Conditions exceeded expectations.

    The base has become somewhat icy and…[Read more]

  • Was very excited for this first visit (on skis, anyway) to the Squirrel Hills. The trails are great, views were lovely, but conditions were… not ideal. There’s enough but not a ton of snow. The base is pretty hard-packed, and skier-tracked grooves range from shallow to non-existent. Herringboning was very challenging in places; hills ranged f…[Read more]

  • First visit to 9 Fingers in the wintertime, and it’s just as pretty as it was this fall. Their homemade groomer has set nice deep ski tracks, but it doesn’t pack down an especially firm base. For this reason, I would say that these trails are best appreciated in below zero weather. Still, I had a lovely, if somewhat slumpy, +3° ski ramble arou…[Read more]

    • Thanks for the feedback! … and yes, we are aware of that challenge and still thinking about a solution. Glad to hear that you still enjoyed your time on our trails despite the not perfect conditions. Hope to see you out again!

  • Elise Watchorn posted an update in the group Group logo of RivendellRivendell 7 months, 1 week ago

    After trying in vain to ski here over several successive Xmases, I was beginning to believe that Rivendell was a mere myth; a legend of the Elder Days. But just as hope seemed all but extinguished, I gave it one last ditch effort, and lo! The trails are currently groomed and Rivendell is open.

    Of the former 25km of ski trails, 7km are still…[Read more]

    • Elise, thank you for re-writing the Description for Rivendell. 🙂
      I’ve updated it (above) with most of your text.
      You maintain your status as the skier who writes the most interesting trail conditions reports!

  • Good news! Though the Parks report from Thursday suggested that trails hadn’t been groomed since the new snow… Seton at least has since been groomed. Finally, enough snow! Much better conditions than when we skied Épinette last weekend.

  • These cute trails must be the best kept secret in the area! Unfortunately, they will likely remain a secret so long as the driving directions on this site are flat out wrong — whoops! La Perdrix is NOT located 2km south of the junction of highways 245 and 244, as this site claims, but rather 1km north of this intersection. Hope this can be f…[Read more]

    • Please note that Hwy 245 is a correction line road which jogs the meridian. These correction lines are placed every 24 miles in the country and are about a 1 mile correction. If you are coming from the NORTH heading South on Hwy 244 past the town of Notre Dame, then the ski facility is indeed 2kms from the junction of Hwy 245 and Hwy 244. This…[Read more]

    • Ah, a correction line, of course! I came from the east, so I hit the other 245/244 junction. Anyway, thank you so much for these lovely trails.