Esther MacKinlay

  • BHP Bluestem was surprisingly a good ski this morning. Firm groomed double tracks all around the 14 km loop. Just a few spots with some grass poking through the snow. Used our good skis. No problem. chickadee was also double tracked and did not appear to have any walker damage yet.
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    • Allan H replied a minute a
      There are just the two trails groomed chickadee and bluestem,
      i’m thinking nothing will be done on the group use road till the work is done and the trucks are off the road. It was plowed from the gate heading east today. So if you are on bluestem where it crosses the road by the gate, it is bare pavement.

  • Esther MacKinlay posted an update in the group Group logo of ShannondaleShannondale 1 year, 5 months ago

    We classic skied at Shannondale today. Arrived around 11AM with sunny skies and approx-7C. We used Skin skis. Trails were freshly groomed. Grooming was well done as per the norm from Super Dave and Gord. I think there was actually more than 5 km of groomed classic track. We skied over 20km and didn’t want to stop.
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  • Bluestem Wednesday afternoon. Used our Salomon skin skis. Surprisingly very good grip and glide. Basically skier tracked with the new snow over the harder ice tracks. Double skier tracked the whole way around. No walkers on Bluestem but asked several walkers not to walk on the Chickadee.

  • The Grey Owl trail was likely just tracked this morning. They double track set classic tracks all the way to the Grey Owl cabin. The grooming was excellent. Firm tracks. Very little debris. It was an absolute pleasure to ski on these tracks in a winter wonderland. Thanks to the groomer! Great work.

  • We drove out from Winnipeg only to discover that the Grand Beach trails still haven’t been groomed after the latest dump of snow. The Squirrel/Beaver trail was skier tracked.
    Disappointed that this potentially world class ski area is so poorly maintained in terms of grooming.