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    Weds. 08:30 -7c. Did west Bluestem and west Esker.Glide and kick were great.There was a lot of debris but still good stretches. The worst debris was around the cone bearing trees.The stretch of Chickadee from the lot to the tower was awful and will avoid until more snow or a groom.

    • Anita & I were also at BHP this morning. Her review of the classic trails is similar to Eric’s, but she actually fell twice on Aspen when tree debris stopped one ski abruptly. I was skate skiing the Group Use Road on perfect firm corduroy littered with tree debris in some places — especially on the interior bays, with a few stretches of footprints that I didn’t even notice after lap 1. Debris on a skate track is much easier to avoid than on a classic track … delaying weight transfer to the new gliding ski by just a fraction of a second results in a completely different line. The western part of the GUR was mostly debris-free.