Eric Sokolowski

  • Sunday 4 P.M. classic west bluestem was very good thanks to the new snow.No bare spots and very little debris.

  • Fri. afternoon classic skiing was very good on west Bluestem. Entrance to Chickadee lot off the main road was skating rink quality icy as of 2:30 P.M.

  • Did west Bluestem Tues. a.m. snowmobile damage to Chickadee and west Bluestem.Looks like they exited onto GUR before the tower.The skiing was still acceptable.This asshole had chances to exit but did not.What is really concerning is that people were skiing at the time with this joker ripping around.

    • Yes last night Feb 1st some sleds came in on West Bluestem and back to Chickadee and onto group use, it’s sketchy and just not safe when this happens. There’s more people skiing at night. Pretty easy to block off the west Bluestem entrance. I need to call the office or move a rock or log there…

  • Sat.Jan.2 Skied west Bluestem and west Aspen in a.m..Good condition . The snowmobile damage on west Bluestem was to one set of tracks for about a minute of skiing. The GUR was groomed and getting worked in by some skiers.Park patrol on duty in Chickadee lot!

  • West bluestem classic skied Dec.31 a.m. New snow packed by Weds. folks was very welcomed.Good to very good conditions.All debris and bare spots gone.The skate ski areas are poor with grooming needed. Happy New Year everyone!