• Spruce was also groomed today – kudos to park staff!

  • Chickadee and Bluestem were also groomed today (Wednesday).

    The Group Use Road, including the two interior bays and the middle road, was excellent, pristine, perfectly firm corduroy.

  • Lime kiln, esker, and aspen were groomed this afternoon. Conditions are excellent.

  • Tuesday 5:30 PM Skied Blue Stem from GUR parking to stable, quite fast until got to groomed Aspen, nice conditions, but a bit slower around Aspen part of Chickadee and back to parking. Beautiful sunny day- I’d like to point out though, with all the information and warning signage, there’s an awful lot of foot traffic on the trails. I don’t get it.…[Read more]

  • Monday afternoon Aspen was freshly groomed, but Bluestem and Esker were not. Tracks are still good although getting wide in a few spots. Lots of ski days left – get out and enjoy great spring conditions!

  • Skied lime kiln on Saturday evening, March 25. Super slick, trail was firm with no grassy patches. So great!

  • Just realized we left our son’s Fischer Tisa junior skis at the chickadee trailhead on Sunday March 19. If anyone has seen them or has tips on how to locate them we would appreciate if you could get in touch!

  • 3-6:30 PM Fantastic afternoon in BHP . The trails are in good shape, slightly glazed ,icy in most sunny areas, but the suns rays havent done much damage yet. The cool weather is offsetting the usual erosion and soft trails at this time of year. Purple wax gave good grip , alternated with double poling in iced over areas. West Bluestem is great,…[Read more]

  • Fast trails ,slightly glazed , partly icy in sunny areas which make for good double poling. The skate track has about 2cm of soft snow still not packed down under hard pack, but should make for fast skating once a few more users pack it all down. As evening wore on, I was doing mostly double poling. Very enjoyable spring skiing. Enjoy the weekend.

  • Also downhill sections had soft snow which made it very easy to negotiate downhill turns.

  • Skied this morning. Skied Esker and Lime Kiln. Both were very good and mostly fast. A thin layer of fresh snow covered the icy glaze on the tracks. That made for good grip and glide. No debris seen. A very enjoyable ski. Hopefully forecasted rain tonight won’t happen.

  • Traks are good. The evil spruce cones have been covered up by the recent snow. A partially eaten deer carcass on the Aspen trail just 100 yds east of the GUR parking area. Coyotes in the park? Hope not.

    • Yup. Lots of tracks in the vicinity of the carcass Friday a.m.
      Trails haven’t been groomed in a week but they are very quick [-10c at 8:40 a.m.].
      Icy sections. Love to double pole.
      Esker hill and the run out to the reconnect with Chickadee – beautiful!

    • Sure is coyotes! They must have made the kill last Thursday at 10:30pm. I was out skiing Esker and they starting howling and yipping like crazy! It was quite a large pack and I was surprised how long they were howling. I wondered what was going on.

      • Was out til 930PM tonight , heard some barking but not any howling from a group. Was hoping this was a deer injured by a car and made its way back into the woods and maybe some crows or small animals picked at it. Because it was not fully eaten. I think a pack would have eaten most of it. If its a coyote pack Im not sure if the trails would be…[Read more]

        • They are in there… I remember skate skiing in a few years ago and stopping for a drink, and 2 were in the bush giving me the stare. there are also Black Bear in the park.. my friend has seen them while MTBing… someone I work with lives in Beasejour has seen dead bear on the side of the road at the 44/49 intersection.. they are all out there!

  • Wednesday afternoon we skied parts of Lime Kiln, Chickadee and Esker. Yesterday’s debris is covered up by the new snow, and tracks are well skied in. Very good conditions, but not as fast as yesterday.

  • Tuesday afternoon 4:00 Lime Kiln was in good condition…firm and fast with a little debris, mostly avoidable. Heard that debris was a problem on Bluestem today with sticky wax picking up the evergreen litter. This is a good time to use waxless skis if you have them!

  • From Edward Zwingerman on Monday afternoon:
    Over the weekend skied Esker and Chickadee, today skied Lime Kiln. Faster track today and minimal debris, sunshine is wonderful. Great job of grooming..

  • Sun. 0930 A.M. -12c. Sunny,light wind. West Bluestem very good if not a bit less glide due to lower temp..

  • Sat. 6:10 P.M. -5c. West Bluestem was very good.The small amount of new snow has been worked in and debris lessened.

  • I was at BHP Fri. 3:30-4:30. You may be bucking a 40-60 km headwind heading up the hill to the tower but the skiff of fresh snow has covered a lot of the debris. Some new stuff coming down but a net reduction in debris. There’s about 1 cm of new snow in the tracks with a little more in open areas.
    It looks like a great weekend to hit the trails…[Read more]

  • Today I skied most of the classic trails and everything is groomed and excellent condition. I stand corrected on my previous post. I must have got out skiing before grooming was complete. My apologies if this caused any confusion. Now if we can only get the local deer population to eat all the debris on the ski trails. 🙂

    • We skied Bluestem Wednesday afternoon, and agree with Rob about the debris (c’mon deer!). We found the worst section was the southeast leg from Chickadee to the stables, where there are more evergreen trees.

  • Weds. 08:30 -7c. Did west Bluestem and west Esker.Glide and kick were great.There was a lot of debris but still good stretches. The worst debris was around the cone bearing trees.The stretch of Chickadee from the lot to the tower was awful and will avoid until more snow or a groom.

    • Anita & I were also at BHP this morning. Her review of the classic trails is similar to Eric’s, but she actually fell twice on Aspen when tree debris stopped one ski abruptly. I was skate skiing the Group Use Road on perfect firm corduroy littered with tree debris in some places — especially on the interior bays, with a few stretches of…[Read more]

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