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    My last ski of the year (today) but others may be interested to head out tomorrow. It will be more crispy, with the stiffer frost, so lace your boots uber tight an fly along with double poling then eventually skate striding when the surface softens a bit. Best starting point is from the Stables parking lot, head out on the Bluestem – using only the southerly (left) trail – opposite direction of signage.

    I skied portions of all the trails but had to backtrack on pretty much all at some point on account of deep ponds of water. Bare / snowless sections are mostly just for short distances. Basically follow your nose and enjoy what remains of the winter season offering. On the Bluestem, I used the group use trail to get past a deep water hole early on.

    From the lookout tour, assuming skiers make it that far))), options are unlimited as one can ski in all 4 directions. Required to turnaround at some point becUse of water mentioned above and return. Then head off in another direction!!! Repeat at leisure. Cheers:)