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    Skate skied group use area this morning, phenominal conditions!!! Firm base, crisp surface almost no lost edge on push off … and I havnt skate skied since December!!! Get out while you have the chance.
    Classic skied east Bluestem – great double poling and / or very good with waxless. Esker also in good shape. Lime kiln destroyed by horse travels (more since Saturday) and a side by side vehicle with tracks.

    • I agree. This afternoon (Tuesday) the edges of the Group Use Road were indeed excellent for skate skiing … except the most western north-south part which had a lot of pure ice and one area with lots of bare pavement. The plowed 600m section at the Group Use Road middle road and Chickadee parking lot area results in skiing the GUR out-and-back rather than a complete loop. I also classic skied: west Bluestem, west Aspen from the Chickadee parking lot until the trail became solid dirt, and east Aspen from Chickadee to the Bluestem merge … all out-and-back, and all OK with great glide. The temp was a constant 0° all afternoon.

      • Ha ha, u provide a much more thorough description than what I offered up. Perhaps phenomenal was a bit too generous!? At the suggestion of a long lost friend I met on Saturday, I skied the area that was partially cleared by a front end loader. It was among the best! Only 4-6cm of hard pack snow but smooth and a good catch with the ski edge always.
        Time to put away the skate skies and bring out the wide back country skies to blaze trails thru ??? cms of snow in the coming days and maybe weeks