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  • Windsor Park Nordic Centre, Monday mid-day, +2° to +5°, partly sunny.
    ~10 people were skate skiing, including me. A family was classic skiing on almost non-existent tracks. (I thought Spring Break was last week.).
    The snow was mainly wet sugar, with many short sections of slush on ice, and a few sections of sticky snow. With well-prepared s…[Read more]

  • From Windsor Park Nordic Centre on Sunday morning:
    Last day of operations for this season. Staying cool today so conditions should hold up . Thanks for a great season! 142 days is a record. Building is closing, but gates and access to trails will remain open.

  • Fresh , icy snow overnight was groomed this morning. Results were surprisingly good. Skate trails are in Excellent condition, Classic is 6/10. Brent’s Loop, Graveyard, Blue Oval, and all of Green (Sheepdip,Backslide, Bonivital and Homestretch) are also in great shape. [Report as of 11:30AM Wednesday, March 30]

  • Windsor Park Nordic Centre, Monday afternoon 1:00 to 3:30, -2° to 0°. Skiers on the trails: 4 classic & 14 skate (including me).

    Grooming was in progress when I started. The skate track was extremely firm and almost solid ice-snow in the ungroomed places. The Ginzugroomer was able to create a surface ranging from “scratched” to a cm of sugar s…[Read more]

  • John Wick posted an update in the group Group logo of Windsor Park Nordic CentreWindsor Park Nordic Centre 1 year ago

    I’d call tonight the 7-11 scat ski, as it was like skiing in a Slurpee with animal poop all over. The trail was incredibly soft, and the black diamond areas were underwater. I’m assuming they’ll be putting up signs tomorrow about that. Somewhat firm areas were relatively fast, and the Toko green binder trick worked quite well. Hopefully, with the…[Read more]

  • Trails are holding up remarkable well. Packed snow depth is 9 inches today. Occasional water issues in some areas: Sheep Dip, Jimmy’s Dip, & both creek crossings. Lots of skiing left. Trails are continuing to be groomed daily in early morning.

  • Skate lanes were all groomed this morning. We are watching the weather closely ad hoping for as little melting as possible.

  • All trails groomed for classic and skate today. Trails are firm and in awesome shape. All grids have been set, Games Area completely combed with fresh corduroy and the ski play area was re-freshed. Have a great ski. Firepit will be warm toasty this evening.

  • John Wick posted an update in the group Group logo of Windsor Park Nordic CentreWindsor Park Nordic Centre 1 year ago

    I don’t know want happened tonight, but I felt like I was skiing on styrofoam, couldn’t get any glide. The trails looked nicely groomed with solid tracks. Managed to ski walk/run six kilometers still.

  • Trails are firm and mostly in great shape. Exposed areas are slightly blown-in. Brisk winds in 1 or 2 areas but sheltered portions and river loops are very comfortable. Not nearly as cold as the weather reports would suggest.

  • Trails were groomed Sunday, February 20. Touch -up for fresh trails today, Feb 21 will also happen. Good condition , wind-blown areas may have filled-in classic tracks.

  • Trails were last groomed on Monday, Feb 14. rooming will commence promptly after Tuesday’s snow event.

  • Excellent classic ski this morning. The glide is surprisingly good – far better than the temperature would predict. Get out before it snows!

  • B&P posted an update in the group Group logo of Windsor Park Nordic CentreWindsor Park Nordic Centre 1 year, 1 month ago

    Saturday afternoon at Windsor – all tracks (classic and skate) freshly, and very nicely, groomed – no ice or hard pack.
    Some slippery bits in the parking lot under the snow – but not on the trails.
    Great job grooming team, THANKS!

  • Snowing heavily now at 9AM Thursday. Grooming will begin later this afternoon when conditions allow.

  • Trails have been renovated for skate and classic tracks as of Wednesday afternoon. Conditions are icier than we’ve been used to but skate is in good shape and classic tracks are 6 out of 10.. Diamond Express and Big Dog are closed ( too icy and treacherous)

  • Warm weather today; Trails will be fast!. South wind ground drifting yesterday has made some sections a little deep (eg. The Summit) Warm temps and chance of rain today will keep our machines off of the trails until temperatures drop later this afternoon.

  • B&P posted an update in the group Group logo of Windsor Park Nordic CentreWindsor Park Nordic Centre 1 year, 1 month ago

    Skied at Windsor this afternoon (Saturday) – all trails, classic and skate, freshly groomed & in great condition.
    Thanks grooming team!

  • Despite the cold, all trails have been groomed for skate and track set for classic as of Wednesday, Feb 2. Except Black Diamond Express and Big Dog. Lessons have been cancelled, however. Weekend and next week look GREAT!!

  • Skied from 7-10pm, and almost didn’t get a parking spot, it was a full house tonight. As Kevin reports, classic was fast, icy in spots to the point I re-applied kick wax on the trail. Skating in certain places was fast, others slow. Counted about eight white tail deer, they looked fat and happy.

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