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    As I turned into the restaurant parking lot today at around noon, I noticed a translucent shimmering wall of light ahead of me. As I drove through it I experienced a momentary flicker of vertigo, and then I passed into a parallel universe, as I found the trail conditions much less dire than described by others.
    Esker to the lookout is very, very,…[Read more]

  • I’ve been going out to BHP every day on the West Blue Stem. I start at the Chickadee parking lot and head west past the warm up hut until reaching thicker sections of leaves and debris. Then I turn around and go back to the parking lot. You have to lift your skis and step out of the tracks at times but overall it’s a very enjoyable ski with good…[Read more]

  • Birds Hill Park, Monday afternoon, 0°, skate ski on the Group Use Road.
    My review is much more positive than Anthony’s review from yesterday morning, possibly because he skied at a much colder temperature (harder snow) than me, or possibly because I had a few millimetres (not centimetres) of new snow on top. Even at 0°, edging into the e…[Read more]

  • I did a six km lap yesterday. It was an absolute disaster zone with multiple trees down over the trail with tons of debris on the trail. The occasional rock was poking out, and often there were no discernable tracks. It’s going to take a lot of chainsaws and muscle to clear everything, then require at least six inches of fresh new snow to cover up…[Read more]

  • Skied a lap of the group use road. My recommendation: don’t bother, but if you must, the west and northwest are the best, while the northeast is the worst. Rock skis would be wise if you have them. Lots of rocks at the westernmost part of the northeast campground trail. Skiing on the edges provided just enough “soft” snow to get an edge but it is…[Read more]

  • Birds Hill Park, Chickadee / Esker / west Bluestem, Friday morning, -7° to -5°.
    The good: Tracks are generally very well defined and extremely firm. Sure, there are occasional rocks and areas of dirt, so you have to switch tracks or lift a ski, and also a few short very poor sections.
    The bad: Compared to Tuesday, there is 10x more debris on t…[Read more]

    • I second this notion. I skied Esker at 4pm today and as much fun as i had on the track sections with little to no debris, the other parts i was dodging everything. It was almost like a game to be played as there was that much to ski around at times. I was hopeful to not scratch up my skis, and I was victorious in the end!

  • Manitoba Parks – Trails Conditions & Advisories dated Wednesday November 24 says:
    Grand Beach Provincial Park – All Trails CLOSED
    Recent winds and heavy snow have caused numerous fallen trees blocking trails. Please do not use trails at this time as staff and equipment are working to clear trails.

  • From Gord Buhr on Wednesday evening:
    Aspen Trail,
    From the stables to the Bluestem turn off is terrible. Bare spots, debris and leaves.
    After that it gets better for a while until you’re on the return, more debris and leaves until the Chickadee parking lot where it improves again.

  • Brent posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 6 days, 12 hours ago

    Lime Kiln Tuesday evening. A number of rocks poking through, strips of mud especially on the return portion of Esker. You could say “early season conditions”.

    • Agreed Brent. The BHP groomer did a great job in getting the trails ready last week. Thank you. Unfortunately a few melting days have caused the tracks to deteriorate in places and strong winds have caused a fair bit of debris to come down from the trees. One area to avoid is Bluestem from stable parking lot [some pavement showing and many…[Read more]

  • There are a lot of fallen trees across the trails.

  • My wife and I skiied Chickadee yesterday and parts of Chickadee and Aspen this afternoon. Given the time of year, conditions are great and kudos to the BHP trail maintainers. Only encountered a few walkers yesterday, but there were quite a few today. Ran into a couple out on Chickadee this afternoon, both with leashed dogs, so I felt it was time…[Read more]

    • Agreed Richard. Can’t do/say much unless signage is up. I encountered 3 walkers yesterday on the trails myself. They were courteous enough to walk on the side of the trail as to stay away from the tracks and I thanked them for it. They were well mannered folks at least.

    • When I encounter this situation I remind the people that there is actually signage at the trail head as well as all over the BHP section of the MB parks website, every map states summer and winter use of the trails as well.

  • Skied Esker and Chickadee today. -9C and no wind in BHP that I could feel. When it’s windy, I love the fact that we can get shelter in the trees at the park and still enjoy the trails without freezing our faces off! Esker is in great condition almost all of the way through. Tracks cut up a bit here and there but no major concerns. The…[Read more]

  • Skied Aspen and Chickadee this afternoon. Very fun ski! Debris on 1st quarter or so of Aspen. Skated the mid section through all of the crud and then shortly after that, about the first sign of the skate section, smooth sailing after that! Beautiful grooming job indeed by the BHP staff! Skate deck looked amazing from what I could see!

  • Skijored part of Spruce early Saturday afternoon; -3C and sunny. Happy to report the Spruce trail has been groomed and has a beautiful corduroy surface…very good skate ski conditions!

    • Alison, “very good skate ski conditions” means there is minimal risk of skiing over a rock or gravel, correct?

      • Yes Kevin – to elaborate, the snow base is deep/firm enough that I didn’t encounter any rocks or gravel. There are some leafy patches, but the wide trail makes it easy enough to avoid the bad spots. I recommend checking it out!

        • I skate skied Spruce on Monday afternoon, but only because Anita’s dog walking group started from the Nimowin parking lot. I don’t agree with “very good skate ski conditions”. My opinion is: equal portions of good and fair, a few sections of poor, and the eastern half of the loop at the far end was excellent (~300m). In particular, the trail…[Read more]

  • Birds Hill Park, Friday afternoon, -1°.
    Skate: The new grooming on the Group Use Road is generally very good to excellent. There are a few short sections on the interior bays that are a bit soft, and a number of very short few sections on the edge of the road where dirt was churned up. At one point during my 3 laps, my right ski decelerated…[Read more]

    • Kevin, are the classic trails groomed as well? Don’t believe you mentioned yet if they are tracked and groomed.

      • Alison’s report on late Thursday afternoon says: “Thursday afternoon we were delighted to see that all BHP classic trails had been groomed. …”

  • Skied Bluestem this morning. Has not been groomed yet. Skier packed only and not very fast of course due to the new falled snow, but decent conditions otherwise. Definitely had fun through there today and don’t be scared of those winds out there. It’s not bad in the park where you’re tree’d in! Quite a nice ski with some of the snow falling…[Read more]

  • Joanne Podolchuk, Birds Hill Park’s District Park Manager, contacted me on Thursday at noon. If it does indeed snow today and overnight, they will evaluate the amount on Friday morning and hopefully some re-grooming can occur.

  • We skied Bluestem early Tuesday afternoon. The tracks are sloppy from so much use, especially on corners and hills, but it’s still very good skiing. Let’s all do the snow dance, and hope for no rain!

  • HI all,New to the Group.
    Looking for advice for beginner trails at BHP. Got nordic gear 2 weeks before March 2020 lock down and we have not ventured beyond our own property for trails. What would be a best trails for a couple of newbies? We don’t want to be the ones contributing to the damage the prime trails(we will be falling).
    Guidance and…[Read more]

    • Hi! The chikadee trail is one of the most popular in BHP as it’s only 4kms in length. I would suggest trying that one first or trying Aspen would suffice as well. Although Aspen is lengthier, it doesn’t have any technical turns or steeper downhills. Chikadee only has the one steeper downhill in it but it also creates for a lot of fun. Your…[Read more]

  • Blue stem and Aspen this aft still holding up well… downhill is hard packed… some darker areas exposed on downhill I basically skidded around the corner to follow bluestem.. Aspen shows its wear in places… parking lot full, but Blue and Aspen were pretty quiet this afternoon.. lot half empty around 330 when I left.. park patrol sitting right…[Read more]

    • Kids and I skated GUR from 330-415. Saw 12 walkers in that time. Called Park Patrol who were responsive and came to GUR parking lot after my call. They were not there when we started our ski.

      The road is pretty beat up from today’s activity, primarily the round divots from the kick sledders. Still a pretty good ski though.

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