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    So, I arrived at the stables lot at noon Dec 18, and tried the recently groomed trails. It was a good news bad news situation. The good: it was great to ski Aspen in its entirety, there is lots of snow for the Bully to manipulate, the sun was peeking through a slight haze, and the forest looked like a Christmas card with the snow sitting on branches. The bad: although Aspen and Chickadee were groomed the track was not very deep with the result that with the new snow, skier compaction created spots where my ski slipped off the bottom of the track when I tried to kick hard, and the glide was mediocre ( especially compared to conditions earlier in the week). Road from the west entrance was snow packed with some icy spots due to the freezing drizzle, and the road to the parking lot had some big drifts that required momentum to traverse.