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    So, I ventured out to the park April 29,about 10:30 am to determine if the postings of dlivingston were accurate. I started at the Chickadee trail head, and went east to the crossroads. The track was doable with minimal hiker tracks. At the crossroads I noted that the trail back to the stables parking lot looked as good as what I had just skied on.
    I crossed over to the east Bluestem and proceeded along until about halfway through, I saw a skier in blue going in the opposite direction. “Mr Livingston, I presume” I queried, and received an affirmative response. He gave me a brief trail report i.e. Esker good outbound and back to the small hill about halfway back. Thereafter he recommended crossing over to the outgoing Esker to avoid puddles. Lime Kiln now doable and the outbound Bluestem/Aspen from the stables good as nobody has been on it.
    After an exchange of good wishes we parted, and I proceeded to the Lookout. Trail was ok with many decent bits allowing for kick and glide.
    The hill had no snow so I took off my skis and walked down the the inbound Chickadee and skied along the edge of the trail to the Aspen loop. I did the loop which required some brief trekking over bare spots. All doable and enjoyable with no wind and silence so intense you could hear the blood rushing through your ears.
    Set a new record for duration of the season eclipsing that of Apr 20 in 2013.
    A big THANK YOU to the Bird’s Hill park staff for,

    grooming the trails despite the various mechanical breakdowns, and the signage at the trailheads directing hikers elsewhere in the park.
    Also, many thanks to the people who posted trail reports: they were were very helpful.