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    So, my ears were burning with the thanks on breaking trail; it was not just me but new friends Stef and Will who did the Aspen with me. The skiers who did the Bluestem also deserve thanks, although I did not remember their names.
    Hit the trails today Apr18 at 11:30 ish from the Chickadee trail head. East on Aspen to the “crossroads” where I met two good friends, and did the east Bluestem and thereafter Chickadee to the Aspen loop and back to the parking lot.
    Not a long distance ski as the track,although well defined was at different heights from side to side, snow clumping up from time to time, and my Kneissl backcountry battle boards kept sliding off the bottom of the track into the soft snow on either side.
    The weather was perfect, the ski enjoyable, and remember, we’re still skiing April 18.

    • Imagine how great the skiing would be at BHP if someone running the winter program there actually cared. Instead of a rigid bureacracy that cant seem to figure out anything except thier nice pensions . Even a few groomed trails would make a hell of a difference. Or a single run down the GUR with the groomer or even a snowmobile to give skiers half a chance. But nooo…. even if its a good snow year and long season, the groomer just sits in the shed and rots. Then the walkers complain that no skier is using the trails anyway. The days are long, the snow is deep, weather is perfect and skiers are just left fuming.

      • I talked with a fellow skier on the trail a couple a days ago and he said there are serious issues with the pistenbully,one of them is engine related.Here is the kicker, it may not be repaired in time for the start of next season.I wonder if there is a backup plan because there sure wasn’t one for this season.

        • A backup plan / a backup groomer for the BHP trails would be the greatest idea!

          • @Bert Graff Have you reached out to Kathleen Brown with constructive criticisms and suggestions?
            If so, what has been the response? If not, please do so.

    • Agree with Tony, Birds Hill is our best location considering number of trails and city skier access, they need to have two groomer/tracking systems in place, so if one goes down, the other one gets put to use. The 2020/21 ski season was more enjoyable with a fraction of the snow compared to this year which is shame. I got out a lot this season, but the conditions could have been so much better, what’s the point using our ‘race’ skis. Will send message to Kathleen.

      • I’ve been reading a lot of the comments over the season and there at times seems to be a lack of appreciation what Parks staff has to contend with. I know the ski season is generally short and we need to make the most of the time we have to ski, but Parks are very understaffed and underfunded. If you need verification, the provincial budget just came down last week and the department as a whole is one of the lowest funded.

        Also, I’m not sure if anyone in the group has tried to order parts for vehicles or machinery in the last 6 months, but that can also be a nightmare.

        For folks who are critical of Parks staff and the lack of timely grooming, maybe just take a second and appreciate there might be more to the situation than at first glance.

        My preference is of course skiing on nicely groomed trails, but I still appreciate any opportunity I have to get out and enjoy the parks, even if conditions aren’t pristine.

        That is all, just asking for a bit more grace offered to the folks that work in the park.

        If you want to advocate for change, contact your local MLA to ask for increased funding for parks.