d baniak

  • Hit the trails Feb 15 at noon. Spoke to a skier just coming off the trails who stated that it appeared that the trails had been groomed and that this morning’s snow had partly filled in the track: they were right. Luckily 3 skiers departed before me on the Esker trail and packed down the track. Continuing snow accumulated in the track, so I was…[Read more]

  • Hit the trails Jan23/22 at noon with the kid. Skied Aspen past the intersection with Chickadee, around the Aspen loop, then up the Chickadee to the lookout, down the hill on Esker to the Chickadee loop and then Esker to the parking lot. 10.6k.
    The Aspen had the left track groomed by a single track machine to the intersection of Aspen and…[Read more]

  • I arrived at the park Jan11/22 at 11:30. Skied Esker, Chickadee, and the west loop of Aspen. No grooming, however the tracks are in very good shape without any walker damage. Glide good and kick on green wax perfect.

  • So, the Snow Gods have gifted us app. 2-3 inches of new snow yesterday, to help us endure the “plague years”. The trails yesterday were slow, but today the kick was great on green wax and the glide was very good. Sunny weather and once again, no wind. Skied Esker, Chickadee, and the Aspen loop west of the Chickadee trail. All bare spots and leaves…[Read more]

  • Hit the park at noon, in the heat of the day. The good news: the trails have not deteriorated. The better news:
    the skiff of snow of app. 3 cms has settled in the base of the ski tracks filling in the crunchy bits, and covering much of the debris on the tracks.
    I skiied Esker to the Tower, the Chickadee and the Lime Kiln loops and back to the…[Read more]

  • As I turned into the restaurant parking lot today at around noon, I noticed a translucent shimmering wall of light ahead of me. As I drove through it I experienced a momentary flicker of vertigo, and then I passed into a parallel universe, as I found the trail conditions much less dire than described by others.
    Esker to the lookout is very, very,…[Read more]

  • I went for a walk in the park Nov2,2020 on the outgoing Bluestem ski trail. I saw the remnants of a skier track done after the recent snow. Congratulations to the hardcore enthusiast who made them!