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  • Oops. I made a mistake in my previous post. Upon speaking with ER I determined I only tracked one-half of Group-Use road clockwise from Chickadee parking lot to the road bisecting the Group Use road and terminating at the parking lot where all the dog skijorers start their outings. If I’m in the mood I may complete the loop tomorrow.

  • So, I lived up to my user moniker today. I arrived at the Chickadee lot @ 11:30, fully expecting to take advantage of some enthusiast’s track, but there was none. I proceeded to walk around the Group Use road and set a decent track. It was totally silent in the woods and the snow was sticking the branches of the trees and shrubs: beautiful and…[Read more]

  • This season is over. Many thanks to Kevin Miller for moderating the CCSM website, and to all persons posting helpful info throughout the season.

  • Has anybody been out since the recent warm weather? I would like to head out there , but am not interested in killing myself. EZ, you have been out there lately: any news?

    • A facebook report from yesterday showed what looked like a nice image… they said an inch of new snow had fallen, and no bare patches.. not fast conditions.

      • Friends of mine attempted to ski there last Wednesday only to abandon their effort and go elsewhere. A Parks employee told me today that they have not received any snow there since Feb.5.

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    Has anybody been out since the ” big thaw”? I am concerned that the trails have gotten icy and dangerous. Looking forward to some news.

  • Had a bad case of cabin fever. Couldn’t convince any of the usual suspects to accompany me so I set out solo at 1pm, in the “heat of the day”. Wind was minimal, trails in good shape, kick good, glide as expected at -24, sun shining bright.

  • Went this AM with “the kid”; arrived about noon. Lots of cars in the parking lot and down access road. Snowing like mad, but trail traffic packed it nicely, so kick and glide were great. Skied the ” the Beav” in dead silence: magnificent. Total snowfall about 4″, the track perfect.

  • I went for a walk in the park Nov2,2020 on the outgoing Bluestem ski trail. I saw the remnants of a skier track done after the recent snow. Congratulations to the hardcore enthusiast who made them!