• Classic skied beaver and squirrel. Enough snow but lots of debris. Rare rock exposure. Downhills were icy and extra cautious. Not groomed lately. Skate skiing looked soft.

  • Saturday afternoon the GUR was good and the other trails looked good. The main parking lot was full and people were jockeying for spaces like Walmart at Christmas. Do yourself a favour and use the overflow lot. You can pretend the walk in is your warm up

    • Yes, the park was a busy place today! People were walking, cycling, skiing; even families having picnics. The Bluestem trail was in beautiful shape, and fast despite the leafy debris that was sticking to our wax. Awesome ski!

  • Ed is right. The Lime Kiln trail, and likely the other classic trails, are in great shape! Pristine groomed tracks with almost no debris. Very fast at the end of the afternoon.

  • Friday afternoon skated the GUR, it was harder than I expected but had no problem getting an edge. It was my fastest lap time of the season.
    Many family members with children getting out to ski the classic trails.

  • Birds Hill Park, all classic trails, Friday late morning to early afternoon, -14° to -9°, sunny, calm: A+.
    Some of tracks have started to become a bit glazed, so consider using a grip wax that is one can warmer than the temperature.

  • Just skiied classic trails Esker, Lime Kiln. Best snow conditions of the year. Recently groomed and very fast, no debris. Gorgeous day. Great way to escape COVid19.

  • On Friday around noon the GUR was good, but a bit icy, which is no surprise considering the temperature. Three joggers had run around it soon after it was groomed and maintained the correct social distancing to leave deep divots all the way across.
    Chickadee was great and quite fast. Thanks to the park staff for grooming this late in the season

  • Great ski on the freshly groomed Lime Kiln trail this afternoon. Swix VR 40 worked well. No problem with social distancing!

  • Skate and classic trails all renovated and groomed on Thursday, March 19. Conditions are excellent and FAST!

  • From Joanne Podolchuk, Park District Manager, Birds Hill Provincial Park on Thursday afternoon:
    Ski trails have been groomed/track set today. Given the conditions, things turned out well.

    • Classic tracks and the group use road were in very good to excellent condition. However, almost immediately, there were boot prints on the perfectly groomed blue stem, chickadee and aspen trails, with some prints right in the tracks. I encountered 3 hikers on the bluestem and was told that they had looked online and found that particular trail…[Read more]

  • Weds. 3:30 -7c. western bluestem enjoyable as it was yesterday! 2 male joggers and unleashed black lab noted on GUR. Maybe the park has one more grooming session in them, especially for the
    skate crowd.

  • Skate last night was very good, just a little of on the firm & icy side. Drifting etc. was very minor. That will change as we get new snow and high high winds, but the tracks are Windsor are in nice condition.

  • Wednesday morning – the Spruce trail would benefit from a grooming before the next warm spell. There’s a good amount of loose snow, and many footprints making it uneven in places.

  • Tuesday afternoon, skate track, -4C:
    Overall good.
    Some areas have packed new snow (Sunday evening’s snowfall), some areas have icy snow (Monday’s wind blowing away Sunday evening’s snowfall), and some areas have drifting (Monday’s wind blowing in Sunday evening’s snowfall).

  • From Al Stewart on Tuesday evening:
    I skied Esker and Lime Kiln today at about 4pm and found the conditions to be very good. No ice, firm tracks and little debris. The recent fresh snow seems to have rejuvenated the trails. A very enjoyable ski using Rode Multi Violet kicker. Some other folks had Swix Blue and had good skis as well.

  • Tues. am. Classic western bluestem from chickadee was fast, flat, firm, stable with good kick.
    Considering no grooming was done conditions were fantastic, bravo to the skiers who packed it!

  • Monday early afternoon – Grand Beach classic tracks had 2-3 cm of new snow, but were in very nice shape. Snow covered most of the debris and slowed us enough to make the most challenging hills less treacherous than usual. We had a great ski with the warm sun shining on us. There’s still plenty of snow…enjoy it while you can!

    • Just want to add to Alison’s comments. There are 4 large boulders poking through the snow so you may not want to use your good skis.

  • Monday afternoon, -7°, sunny.
    Bluestem, north Chickadee, Aspen. The overnight snow (3+ cm) has further refreshed the tracks. As of mid afternoon, they had been nicely skied-in. Great tracks with beautiful soft cold snow.
    On the other hand, after briefly checking the Group Use Road, I think a re-grooming would mix the loose new snow on top with…[Read more]

    • Theres more snow forecast for Tuesday night and all day Wed and wed night… I really hope they get out there and groom it… it will survive another few weeks for sure.. just gotta keep all the hack hikers off the GUR.. they are ultimately the ones that end it…

    • Monday 9PM- I found the classic tracks rather disappointing. No confident kick, and some railroading and wobbly. Hope they groom them soon.
      I switched and enjoyed the skate ski more. The green glider worked well. Very sharp snow crystals haven’t turned into zillions of tiny ball bearings yet. Need more skate skiers to pack it down to make it…[Read more]

  • Everything has been packed, tracked and groomed. Open areas are blown in already, get your skiing in while you can!

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