• Birds Hill Park, Sunday afternoon, -5° to -3°, sunny.
    Bluestem, north Chickadee, Esker, Lime Kiln, Aspen.
    The tracks were “solid icy” when we started at 1:00 and “soft icy” by the time we finished at 3:30.
    Almost totally still clean — a few short areas of debris and a handful of places where dirt was showing.
    Most of the track is still f…[Read more]

    • The track is flat, some light ripply feel on the outer edges… mostly animal tracks on there from skijoring, didn’t see any human footprints…the middle portion from people skiing yesterday didn’t melt so the “v” was frozen in places in the shade… definately fast.. if you have good balance you could really let it rip in there for sure…

  • Sunday PM, skated Group use road.. temp was still around -5 so hardpacked, rutted from the previous day of skating up the middle. Sides were best option in my opinion. Hard to get an edge at time.. if you have good balance, you will be cruising! Classic on Bluestem was a different stpry.. both tracks still defined, but soft and slushy in places..…[Read more]

  • https://www.gov.mb.ca/sd/parks/recreation-and-activities/trail_conditions/ says:
    Trail Grooming Update: March 21, 2019
    Snow conditions are deteriorating with the arrival of spring conditions across the park system. Regular grooming is ending. Ski trails will be fast under cooler temperatures, and soft under midday sun. Expect bare patches and…[Read more]

  • L Hanson posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 7 months ago

    I skated the GUR and double -poled parts of chickadee and Aspen starting at 11 on Friday morning. It was icy at first and starting to get soft by about 1230 when I finished. Overall, conditions are good, with no bare spots.

  • Brent posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 7 months ago

    everything groomed today, Bluestem before 10 this morning, saw the groomer at the tower at noon then on Esker at 2:30. very soft and no glide after 1:00

  • I made the first Vs on a freshly groomed Group Use Road early on Thursday morning. Incredible conditions my entire time there — until 10:30 AM.
    All classic tracks that I crossed (Aspen in 5 places, Chickadee in 2 places) were soft and obviously also freshly groomed.

  • Tuesday morning, -7° to -2°. Bluestem, Chickadee, Aspen, Esker. All tracks are still perfectly formed, but they are generally icy (very fast), with a few sections of ice and a few sections of “almost icy”. There are also occasional sections that have lots of forest debris. Our skin skis worked perfectly. Blue or Violet klister (“Ice Klister”) w…[Read more]

  • Skated BHP and Classic this morning. The skate lane is hard packed with a very thin skiff of fresh snow on it still from the other day. Conditions were pretty quick. Only a few spots where couldnt get an edge to push off… Classic did 2 X bluestem… conditions varied from good kick n glide to ice and double pole, debris is hit and miss as…[Read more]

  • On Sunday afternoon the GUR was starting to get softer and squeakier, but skating was still moderately fast and there are no bare spots. We should have two or three days left.

    • I was expecting icy sugary conditions but was met with a layer of fresh snow.. I got a 2 lap shoulder workout… tomorrow AM will be rocket fast with the -8 overnight low…

    • I’m willing to bet that we have more than 2 or 3 days, even with +7/+8/+9 temps and sunny. Packed snow melts slowly and there’s a quite a bit of it on those trails.

  • Lime Kiln, Esker and Blue Stem are in near perfect condition with only the odd leaf in the tracks.

    • Yep. classic tracks looked amazing… I ended up trying to skate with the wrong wax and ended up fighting the suction factor.. I wish I would have gone classic today…

  • Parks advises that a special event will take place tomorrow, Sunday, March 17. It will be the “Snow Motion Dog Club”.

  • Skied Lime Kiln, Chickadee , and Bluestem. Great conditions. Avoided all the discouraging debris on the first few hundred meters of the Chickadee trailhead by using other trails to bypass the initial mess, or by going the wrong way for a while . The evenings are absolutely perfect time to ski . No traffic or crowds at all. A small smattering…[Read more]

  • From Esther MacKinlay:
    I was speaking to Laurie Penton today at Windsor Park. He is looking for a work party to help close down Windsor Park ski for the season. The work party takes place this Thursday, March 21, from 1600-2000 hrs.
    Many hands make for light work.
    See you there.

  • I agree with Angela’s comments. I have never seen so much debris (pine needles) on the ski trail. I found it nearly impossible to ski in the tracks and wound up skiing out of the tracks instead. A beautiful day but fresh snowfall is the only cure for better conditions.

  • A lot of debris on the trails making it difficult for skis to glide on what would otherwise be fast trails. Stopped by Birds Hill on the way home and the trails there were great.

  • Just classic skied Windsor. All groomed except training grid and Hole #1 of golf course.. Seine river at training grid is no longer passable. Classic tracks generally very good, a few portions on Blue Loop and Graveyard loop that were in the sun all day had iced over by 530PM. Skate track looked great.

  • Friday afternoon, -3°, cloudy.
    Skate Ski on the Group Use Road, including the two optional loops.
    Very nicely groomed, perfectly firm track, and nice snow consistency, but the track is littered with forest debris in a number of places from yesterday’s strong winds, and the snow is dirty (pine needles) in many places, which makes it slower than…[Read more]

  • Blowing snow yesterday left heaps of fresh snow for excellent tracks and skating – freshly groomed this morning. our last official weekend looks fabulous!

  • Trails are freshly groomed each day.

  • From Corey Mohr:
    Excellent spring skiing! I classic skied both Aspen and Bluestem tonight (Thursday) at -3C. Three blow downs of some older poplars were across the trails but you could ski around. With the high winds there is a fair amount of debris, etc. I used skins but could have used a blue or violet hard wax. Nothing is transformed, some…[Read more]

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