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  • Hi all!
    Pumpkin Creek trail system is now closed for the season. The creek now flows thru the valley as all the crossings. Thanks to all skiers, volunteers and groomers. Thanks to the landowners who allow us access in the wintertime! See you all next year! Stay safe everyone!

  • PCSC Trails system temporarily closed.
    Greetings all!
    We did not get the snow this week. The trail system went thru a melt on Wednesday and then freeze up on Thurs and today. The trails are rock hard icy and then have grassy patches. Not good, not safe. Sorry all, last thing we need is Pumpkin Creek trails to be closed as well but it is truly…[Read more]

  • Hi All,
    It is beautiful weather that is for sure. There is still snow and the trails in the woods are decent. There are icy and grassy patches but for the most part, there is still some skiing fun to be had.
    We will not be grooming unless we get fresh snow so let’s preserve the tracks best we can. If you take your skis off in some areas due to g…[Read more]

  • A little snow keeps falling every other day so trails are still good to ski here! March skiing is great!

  • All trails groomed today Friday Feb 28 except for Club Trail which was grooomed Feb 14. Have a great weekend everyone!

  • All trails groomed today Friday Feb 28 except for Club Trail which was groomed Feb14. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

  • Some trails icy, others in the woods are good as the warm weather stays with us. Don shovelled snow on grassy patches today, especially on Stroll trail and Trailhead crossing.

  • Danielle Dumesnil posted an update in the group Group logo of Pumpkin CreekPumpkin Creek 3 months ago

    Open areas were re-groomed yesterday! Trails look great! Another beautiful winter weekend coming up!!!

  • Thanks to all who came out to celebrate Louis Riel Day by skiing PCSC trails!

  • Trails are a beauty at Pumpkin Creek, mild temp, very little wind! Don reset section of trails that were blown in on Saturday. Have a great weekend everyone!

  • Trails are beautiful at Pumpkin Creek! Hope everyone is out skiing somewhere!!! Weather is mild, very little wind! Pinch me!

  • Trail system groomed yesterday after strong winds subsided. Debris picked up, trails look beautiful for the holiday weekend! Enjoy everyone!

  • Snow in the valley this morning. Whole trail system groomed this afternoon. Thanks Don!

  • Today I skied Roger’s Pass / Stroll and followed a pileated woodpecker flying from tree to tree. Pinch me! So beautiful! Such a gorgeous sunny day to be skiing in the valley.

  • Thanks to all who made the journey this past Sunday to Pumpkin Creek for the 2020 Mystery Tour! Over 100 skiers. Thanks Birch Ski for the use of your trails to create the Mystery Tour trail.

  • Nice little snowfall is making the trails even better to ski with the frost on the trees in the valley , wow beautiful!

  • Danielle Dumesnil posted an update in the group Group logo of Pumpkin CreekPumpkin Creek 4 months ago

    Wind blown areas were groomed last night.
    Mystery Tour Feb 2, 2020! Registration opens at 10AM. Registration fee $10. Come on down!

  • Roger’s Pass and Blue Moon to Shorty re-groomed tonight after the past windy few days.
    Mystery Tour at Pumpkin Creek happening Sunday Feb 02, 2020!

  • Monday – Jan 20, 2020!
    Beautiful trails all groomed since yesterday!
    Road from Roseisle was cleared by Dufferin. Valley Road from Notre Dame de Lourdes not cleared yet but Lorne plough should be thru soon.
    Thanks George for clearing the parking lot.
    MYSTERY TOUR – save the date Sunday Feb 2, 2020
    MAPLE SYRUP for sale – Newman Hand in Carman,…[Read more]

  • The winds have died down. The valley received about 6 inches of beautiful snow.
    Don will be packing and grooming all day.
    Will keep you posted about the trails and when the the parking lot & the valley road are cleared.
    Thanks Danielle

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