Danielle Dumesnil

  • Saturday Jan 18 – 6 inches have fallen in the valley. Once the snowing and blowing is over, we will look at grooming tomorrow Sunday and will keep you posted about road & parking lot conditions. No one venturing in the valley today.

  • Blue Moon to Leary’s, Stroll, Club Trail and Easy Street were groomed Jan 15.
    Roger’s Pass and rest of Blue Moon was groomed today Jan 17.

    There is snow in the forecast but like Don said, after that snow comes, we will groom again!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  • We put up a Birch link sign today letting folks know it is closed till next event. Thanks for enjoying Pumpkin Creek!

  • Hi, Yes the Birch Link was created for the Birchkin Pumpksi Event which was a great success! The link is closed now till the next event. We hope for more!

  • Thursday Jan 9 – Got some beautiful snow in the valley. Whole trail system packed and groomed today. Thanks Don and Glen!

  • Great news! Let’s ski! Dec 30, 2019
    Pumpkin Creek opens the gate tomorrow morning Tuesday Dec 31, 2019 to ring in the New Year!

    Don groomed today ! We could use more snow but the trails look pretty good! Just have to be mindful of snow quantity.

    Stroll, Easy Street and all of Blue Moon has been groomed.

    Roger’s Pass has been gro…[Read more]

  • TRAIL CLEARING WEEKEND – Oct.19-20, 2019
    Hi All!
    It was not me! I did not start an early snow dance! ❄️
    No matter, there will be trails!

    The valley was hit hard this past weekend with lots of heavy snow breaking trees and bending the shrubbery. The trails will need more TLC this year and probably more work bees but let’s get out there and s…[Read more]