• Group Use trail and the groomed alcoves are excellent today. 10/10.

  • The park should have been groomed on Monday due to the track being packed by walkers, animals, kicksledders and skijorers and skiers but was groomed yesterday instead. Conditions are a lot better now.

  • BHP not groomed as of Friday afternoon despite the report that says they groomed

    • I believe the classic trails WERE groomed yesterday as reported, but the BHP area received a good amount of soft snow this morning (Friday), so they may seem ungroomed. We skied Aspen and Chickadee, and found them to be in very nice shape despite the new snow…had to break trail and could see no pole marks on the left lane for most of Aspen.…[Read more]

  • Skied the Group Use road yesterday (Friday). Fast conditions, somewhat slippery though. Not sure why the park didn’t groom on Wednesday when it was -7 and there was some new snow. A few walkers on the trail

    • Thursday’s melting resulted in transitioned snow => fast and slippery. The melting was forecast, which is probably why they didn’t groom on Wednesday. The track was VG on Thursday morning befiore the melt.. We might argue that they could regroom after the melt and refreeze.

  • Group Use road has been groomed. 7/10 conditions. Classic trails are groomed as well. Not sure about the Spruce trail though

  • Chris posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    Group Use road this evening still has lots of snow and was pretty fast although it could use a grooming more recent than March 7. Absolutely no bare patches even though the Manitoba Parks trail update says there are. Not sure how they are gathering their information but it’s incorrect.

  • Looks like Birds Hill Park staff have given up on the trails for the year according to the Thursday trail report….unless they plan on grooming later today

  • According to Manitoba Government Parks Twitter today, they intend on grooming in parks after they’ve cleared snow from roads etc.

  • Group Use received a decent amount of snow. Hopefully it will be groomed sooner than later. Two walkers on the trail told me ‘too bad’ when I told them that the Group Use wasn’t for walking on.

    • With it going above zero all week (+3 and +4 highs til Friday and lows -9) Im thinking our trail system is going to come to an abrupt end pretty quick.. the long range guess of a forecast actually has about 30cm of snow after the warm up though… hopefully its not over yet!

      • I hope that the Park staff don’t give up on the trails early if there is a melt but then more snow

        • I agree. Unfortunately, Manitoba Parks has a history of looking at the calendar and/or transformed (melted and refrozen) trails and giving up, even when there is enough snow to regroom. Birds Hill Park’s Pisten Bully is fully capable of eating up transformed snow and laying down fast tracks of sugar snow. The contrast to Alberta Parks, who often…[Read more]

          • I agree that their budget is probably significantly higher, that being said, the trail systems in our parks are probably significantly smaller. There are probably also daily trail fees to offset the costs of grooming, which we should have here.

  • Group Use has new snow and was quite slow. Hopefully if the stars align the Park staff will do the bare minimum and groom on Thursday.

  • Conditions at the Group Use on Friday were excellent. There were footprints right in the middle of the trail. Pretty sure that most walkers don’t realize that they’re walking on a groomed ski trail. I try to politely educate them that it’s ski trail as most of them do not read the signs at the trailheads. There should be signs on the actual trail as well.

  • Birds Hill Group Use was ungroomed as of yesterday as well as the Spruce trail. It would be nice if the park would groom on the weekends in the event of a snowfall, especially with our preciously short season. The park has a lot of staff in the summer and should think about having more winter staff as well.