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    Did bluestem this morning.. tracks are still excellent.. watch out for lots of pinecone debris especially in the first km or so of the trail.. I used skins on a compacted/ice mix and they worked out OK.. they were a little draggy at times, but I had the binding set forward..could probably back it off and got some more about the 7km mark where the trail does a U turn with the short up/down sections (just before the 90 degree short downhill everyone wipes out on) the right track uphill is bare, large patch of grass…. skate track looked like a packed side street but the top layer is actually soft enough to get an edge.. I was expecting a hard packed sheet of ice, and was met with a softish layer and the wrong wax, so it was really draggy for me.. the right wax job you’d be flying on it though.. watch out for the occasional dog bomb… (come on ppl… pick it up after and bush it or something)