• Chris Ashley posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 2 years, 11 months ago

    Blue stem and Aspen this aft still holding up well… downhill is hard packed… some darker areas exposed on downhill I basically skidded around the corner to follow bluestem.. Aspen shows its wear in places… parking lot full, but Blue and Aspen were pretty quiet this afternoon.. lot half empty around 330 when I left.. park patrol sitting right at trail entrance!!! Love it!!

    • Kids and I skated GUR from 330-415. Saw 12 walkers in that time. Called Park Patrol who were responsive and came to GUR parking lot after my call. They were not there when we started our ski.

      The road is pretty beat up from today’s activity, primarily the round divots from the kick sledders. Still a pretty good ski though.