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    BHP Skate on Group use Road… while as other posts have mentioned, for the lack of snow its actually good… minus the fact that I was out numbered by about 10 to 1 with the amount of people walking on the road.. conveniently right up the middle where the skate track is… some girl when I was leaving made a comment along the line “there are people skiing on the road” I let her know because its a ski trail in the winter… Although the classic trails are not groomed at all, Chickadee and Aspen are the new hiking hotspots it appears… also skate skiers watch where chickadee crosses the GUR on the North side by the hill.. people walking are NOT paying any attention.. I nearly plowed some kid who just started running across the road from the trail.. the parking lots are absolutely packed.. Cedar Bog and Chickadee lots are all full.. its worse in there than a summer evening…

    • Quite something how many walkers were there today. Call me a heretic, but I actually think one of the classic trails should be converted to a walking trail. There’s clearly sufficient demand, particularly this year when people are justifiably craving the outdoors.

      • Too me, it seems that the Group Use Road is the least “understood” to be a ski trail.. we are never going to get rid of people on there for sure, but if the park would put signs up saying hikers stay to the right or something.. I hope the classic trails don’t get hammered this year with walkers.. theres no classic track set so maybe I can see why people are walking on them right now… the volume of people out there today was crazy… and most of those groups were not the same household…. 🙁