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    BHP Awesome today.. great grooming..some debris especially Blue Stem east and some Lime as mentioned.. and BHP if you read these comments at all.. I personally want to say THANK YOU for having a park official in the Chickadee Lot today!

    • I counted at least 10 trail walkers pulling 6 sleds in my session from 3 to 6PM. The first was angry and confrontational when I merely pointed at the sign at the trailhead. The next 4 I didn’t bother with; 2 adults and two kids with sleds on chickadee between the GUR and Stables. Then another 2 adults with sled and dog on the same trail. At dusk I saw 3 guys walking side by side, on the GUR Southwest side, pulling 2 heavy sleds with propane tank and other camping supplies, I guess. I pointed out that they were on a ski trail, but they didn’t care at all. These guys I have seen in the Chickadee lot before, a few weeks ago, doing the same thing. If anyone sees them, please not the LP # of their vehicle and report them. They are really screwing up the trail for skate skiers.