• Chris Ashley posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 2 months ago

    Group Use Road appeared to survive the warm(ish) temps today.. it was cooler out at the park than in the city and it was cloudy all afternoon… Looks like theres been alot of ski traffic (and hiking) traffic on the road… saw more people hiking on it than skiing… When I started at the Chickadee lot early this aft a family of 7 or so just came off a nice hike on Aspen… granted there are no set tracks right now, but it really doesn’t change…

    • I wish these walking morons would just leave the GUR alone. They can SEE the well defined ski pattern, but still INSIST on trampling all over it. It is all we have and still they have to DESTROY it. Just absolutely pathetic and mind boggling how people can be so ignorant. THERE ARE TONS OF PLACES TO HIKE, BUT THEY HAVE TO WALK ALL OVER THE ONLY DECENT SKI TRAIL WE HAVE IN THE PARK.

      • Yep.. the bad thing is around here for that road is the best conditions are actually mid march til its gone, and thats when the park stops grooming, then its just full on sidewalk..