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    Double poled Bluestem from the hill.. fairly fast icy conditions til I hit the forested back part and then the snow slowed right down… Skate on GU road is good.. middle is firm, both edges are soft and slow. Lots of groups sledding with dogs on the trail… still lots of snow on the road.. really wish the park would consider regrooming it.. put a classic track on the edge and keep things going!

    • I was waiting for a token people-walking-on-trails in this post. Hopefully you were spared. I was not. Two walkers on Group Use.

      In my experience, at least half the time people seem to be sincerely unaware of their transgressing on ski trails. I think that there needs to be a lot more signage as I think people often enter the trails from places other than the usual parking lots / trail heads where the signs are. Particularly the group use road to a non-skier is probably not an obvious ski trail. Using that electric sign on the west side of the park, as someone previously posted about, would be an easy way to improve awareness.

      • I had 3.. and dogs.. I’ve just given up caring… the unfortunate thing is, that group use road still has a ton of snow on it, is actually in great condition, and could get regroomed a few more times… the park has seems to have just given up on it.. they groomed when there was hardly any snow at all, now there is twice as much, and they don’t groom it.. forecast is actually calling for periods of snow tomorrow aft and evg so there is still lots of skate skiing on there..