Chris Ashley

  • Chickadee, Esker, Lime Kiln, Bluestem from Lookout hill… for the most part very good.. chickadee of course sees the most abuse…. occasional short stretches of twigs / dirt.. 5cm of snow would fix it all…

  • Skate trail is hard packed/wind blown in places with the cooling temps (especially the North side) Occasional branch fragments from the wind, and lots of footprints conveniently right down the middle of the track especially on the North side… all it takes is for the park to hand out one of those $500 fines, and that’ll be the end of the hikers..…[Read more]

  • BHP skate is very good.. nice track up the middle… and yep.. there’s some footprints…. Was a constant light snow while I was there late afternoon…

    • Some nimrod had dumped a white plastic bag filled with dog poo on the skate track just by the small hill on the north side. Lucky I was climbing the hill instead of descending it. Would have been hard to see and avoid coming down the slope. These evil people really have a bone to pick with skiers, and need to be reported.

  • Skated Group Use Road this morning.. center is hardpacked now as mentioned, but I really had no issue on it.. only a few times where my ski got “loose” on the center section… dunno where the snow is they keep promising, but we really need it!

  • GUR today no issues really.. its becoming more like a hard packed side street more than anything now.. center section is pretty well flattened out… reminds me of spring conditions, minus all the deep footprints since theres really no snow to wreck… as I was leaving a couple showed up.. she was on her skis.. he was on his mountainbike… yep…

  • Group Use Road appeared to survive the warm(ish) temps today.. it was cooler out at the park than in the city and it was cloudy all afternoon… Looks like theres been alot of ski traffic (and hiking) traffic on the road… saw more people hiking on it than skiing… When I started at the Chickadee lot early this aft a family of 7 or so just came…[Read more]

    • I wish these walking morons would just leave the GUR alone. They can SEE the well defined ski pattern, but still INSIST on trampling all over it. It is all we have and still they have to DESTROY it. Just absolutely pathetic and mind boggling how people can be so ignorant. THERE ARE TONS OF PLACES TO HIKE, BUT THEY HAVE TO WALK ALL OVER THE ONLY…[Read more]

      • Yep.. the bad thing is around here for that road is the best conditions are actually mid march til its gone, and thats when the park stops grooming, then its just full on sidewalk..

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    Theres more vehicle tracks on the golf course than ski tracks!!

  • You can skate, for the little bit of snow, its decent.. lots of low spots on fairways, so until we get snow to fill in the low spots its wavy.. some portions are really good, other places fair…. no classic tracks set in case anyone is wondering. It had probably snowed a few cm since before I left…

  • Anyone have any comments on skating the Group Use road at BHP since the recent bit of snow

  • With the lack of snow I decided to pull out my Cyclocross bike for a rip… all the classic trails are hardpacked ice underneath and rutted from walking.. there are defind fatbike trails on Chickadee and Bluestem… the Group Use road as mentioned is a black ice sheet with a trace of snow on top which made for great grip and a smooth ride on my CX…[Read more]

  • Skated at Wildwood this aft.. saw about 7-8 other skiers out there.. there are classic tracks, some what of a defined skating track… its totally doable!

  • BHP Skated 6 laps tonite… melting was minimal if any.. Skate track is packed and fast. Only 2 very short sections where the sun had got to it and softened it up.. other than that firm. Portions hard to edge.. sides are fast a little ripply at times but not an issue.. worst part is about a 200 meter section just before chickadee where people…[Read more]

  • Classic at Wildwood this evening at 630 PM.. classic trails are shallow, blown in at times.. drifting in other places. Very slow conditions.. track is firm, but poling was very soft alot of times. Skate trail has blown in areas as well.. overall its like that super hard pack sand papery drift where no mater what you do…. you aren’t gliding…