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  • BHP GUR tonite at 530PM til 730PM , fine layer of wet snow on top made for decent edging.. was slower than lastnite, but still good.. most of the old skate tracks/animal tracks all melted away, so generally a smooth track… western side of the road is the bumpiest part… 9 tomorrow and chance of showers will take its toll.. could visibly see…[Read more]

  • BHP Skated 6 laps tonite… melting was minimal if any.. Skate track is packed and fast. Only 2 very short sections where the sun had got to it and softened it up.. other than that firm. Portions hard to edge.. sides are fast a little ripply at times but not an issue.. worst part is about a 200 meter section just before chickadee where people…[Read more]

  • Sunday PM, skated Group use road.. temp was still around -5 so hardpacked, rutted from the previous day of skating up the middle. Sides were best option in my opinion. Hard to get an edge at time.. if you have good balance, you will be cruising! Classic on Bluestem was a different stpry.. both tracks still defined, but soft and slushy in places..…[Read more]

  • Skated BHP and Classic this morning. The skate lane is hard packed with a very thin skiff of fresh snow on it still from the other day. Conditions were pretty quick. Only a few spots where couldnt get an edge to push off… Classic did 2 X bluestem… conditions varied from good kick n glide to ice and double pole, debris is hit and miss as…[Read more]

  • Just classic skied Windsor. All groomed except training grid and Hole #1 of golf course.. Seine river at training grid is no longer passable. Classic tracks generally very good, a few portions on Blue Loop and Graveyard loop that were in the sun all day had iced over by 530PM. Skate track looked great.

  • Classic at Wildwood this evening at 630 PM.. classic trails are shallow, blown in at times.. drifting in other places. Very slow conditions.. track is firm, but poling was very soft alot of times. Skate trail has blown in areas as well.. overall its like that super hard pack sand papery drift where no mater what you do…. you aren’t gliding…

  • Chris Ashley posted an update in the group Group logo of Falcon RidgeFalcon Ridge 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Falcon Ridge Feb 22 – groomed on the 21st, but received probably an inch of fresh snow overnight and throughout the day. I classic skied both of the high lake routes with elephant head and mighty megan… classic poling along the outside track edge (near forest) is literally hollow in many places. its like there are massive air pockets under in…[Read more]

  • If you didn’t ski at BHP today you missed out! Trails are nice deep cut and hardly used! At 1230 there were only 5 cars in the Chickadee lot, when I left around 215 there were maybe 12 at best.. no wind in the park.. coldest part was filling the car up with gas after!

  • Stopped by Wildwood today to see what the damage was everyone was talking about… I didnt venture far (and I didnt actually see the damage), but its very drifted in.. looks like one person attempted to skate then gave up (I would have too) The snow has that hard, cold, sand paper look to it… for anyone going out this weekend… you are braver…[Read more]

  • Just skated 4 laps of Group Use Road at BHP… definately needs a grooming.. somewhat packed up the middle.. and absolutely bombed with almost reminded me of skiing at the end of the year when the park gave up grooming.. worst is just east of camp ground entrance road, but the entire loop has footprints right down the middle…

  • Just skied Bluestem east from Chickadee Lot, Esker, and part of Chickadee to Aspen then back to lot… overall not bad conditions considering really not a lot of snow… some places there is taller under growth poking through the track, especially on Bluestem.. as was mentioned nice big horse bomb in the Esker track… overall conditions were…[Read more]

  • Lastnite classic skiing at Wildwood, one of the people in our group lost their S6 Phone (Black in color) We think it might be in the area of the slight downhill of the trails at the North Drive/Oakenwald parking lot.. if anyone finds it please contact Woodcock Cycle Works.. Thanks

  • Skated multiple laps of training grid tonite, well packed in for sure and pretty fast.. probably didn’t need the rock skis on the training grid, don’t know what the rest of its like though…

  • Just did 2 laps of the Group Use Road… In all honesty, I just shortened my glide and had a great time.. Yes its lumpy, yes there’s ruts. some places is like a washboard, but in other places along the edges its awesome… there are no bare spots on it at all.. the most rutted part is at the Chickadee lot entrance, once you get away from there its…[Read more]

  • Spruce Trail 5PM – Although the temperature said it was only +1, and no sun, the trail was very soft… especially where the snow was deeper.. as pointed out earlier there are some trail biscuits in the early going (within the first 1.5km or so) There is also heavy foot traffic in the early going that soon disappears in the first 1.5km.. There are…[Read more]

  • Skated Group Use at 530PM today.. actually reallllly good condition! The little skiff of snow we got seemed to fill in some of the cobblestone feel from early week. Minimal walking traffic! Track in the direct sun was very slow , once the sun got behind the trees, it got fast really quick! If we could keep the walkers off of there we could pull…[Read more]

  • Skated Group Use road this evening at about 540 for an hour. I don’t think the temp ever really got above zero for long today and the cloud rolled in and didn’t let anything get soft. The center is very very firm… and lumpy… the edges were more of a crust and actually nice, minus the deep sasquatch sized footprints.. I went CCW around.. from Ch…[Read more]

  • Double poled Bluestem from the hill.. fairly fast icy conditions til I hit the forested back part and then the snow slowed right down… Skate on GU road is good.. middle is firm, both edges are soft and slow. Lots of groups sledding with dogs on the trail… still lots of snow on the road.. really wish the park would consider regrooming it.. put…[Read more]

    • I was waiting for a token people-walking-on-trails in this post. Hopefully you were spared. I was not. Two walkers on Group Use.

      In my experience, at least half the time people seem to be sincerely unaware of their transgressing on ski trails. I think that there needs to be a lot more signage as I think people often enter the trails from places…[Read more]

      • I had 3.. and dogs.. I’ve just given up caring… the unfortunate thing is, that group use road still has a ton of snow on it, is actually in great condition, and could get regroomed a few more times… the park has seems to have just given up on it.. they groomed when there was hardly any snow at all, now there is twice as much, and they don’t…[Read more]

  • Bluestem mid afternoon.. very slushy in places kind of like a Sprite Slurpee.. in some places the mid section of the track is washing away. It was slow going… can only imagine how fast it is first thing in the morning! There were more people cycling on the main road than I saw skiing.

  • 8AM BHP Chickadee, Esker, Bluestem West, and Aspen. Temp was -18.. the freeze thaw is starting to take it’s toll… conditions vary from ice to hard pack with good kick still. Chickadee is probably in the worst shape of the bunch. Several icy patches early going… occasional patches of twigs/branches under the tracks, especially on Chickadee.…[Read more]

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