Chris Ashley

  • Skated BHP Group Use Road, all good.. track is firm up the middle from use which is expected, still some corduroy along the edges.. fairly quiet in in there at 330 today.. 2 people walking there dog up the side of the road on the corduroy..I just can’t be bothered saying anything anymore…its pointless…

    • Classic trails were very fast after dusk, even though they havent been groomed.
      Doesnt anyone ski at night any more? 🙁 Place was deserted after dusk.
      Hut was nice and toasty. Plenty of wood left.

      • We will be out there after dusk next weekend for a ski and a bonfire on Lime Kiln if you want to join us Bert! I agree with you, dusk skiing can be amazing!

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    Skate at BHP is excellent.. still some corduroy left on the edges.. center was firm with the a small dusting of snow.. and yes… there was hacker err hiker marks down the skate lane…

  • Chris Ashley posted an update 5 months ago

    BHP trails are great are great with minimal debris in tracks (Chickadee/Aspen/Esker) Very light snow falling but didnt effect glide (still using CH4) used the skins today , some drag, but minimal.. should really quit being lazy and get the waxable skis going…

  • Just did 3 classic laps of Wildwood.. track is there but in several places starting to get blown in (mostly along oakenwald and the inner loop where its more exposed to the wind).. Skate lane narrows in places and overlapped the classic trap from the blowing snow.. deep snow along the right most track as well for poling.. its all from the blowing…[Read more]

  • Blue stem and Aspen this aft still holding up well… downhill is hard packed… some darker areas exposed on downhill I basically skidded around the corner to follow bluestem.. Aspen shows its wear in places… parking lot full, but Blue and Aspen were pretty quiet this afternoon.. lot half empty around 330 when I left.. park patrol sitting right…[Read more]

    • Kids and I skated GUR from 330-415. Saw 12 walkers in that time. Called Park Patrol who were responsive and came to GUR parking lot after my call. They were not there when we started our ski.

      The road is pretty beat up from today’s activity, primarily the round divots from the kick sledders. Still a pretty good ski though.

  • Skated BHP Group Use Road.. overall good.. it is hard packed and needs snow and a grooming for sure.. best part of the whole day was the park official at the Chickadee parking lot entry stopping you as you went in and asked if you were there to ski or walk…

    • The same could not be said for the Spruce trail regarding enforcement. 14 walkers encountered, 4 skiers, and lots of footprints. I called the Park office at the end of my ski, who said they would come. In the walker’s defence, the signage that the trail is for skiing/skijoring/dogsledding only is nearly nonexistent. This trail would benefit from t…[Read more]

  • Birds Hill absolutely packed but no one hiking on trails!!! YAAY!!! Now we just need more snow.. My first classic ski of season as Ive been skating.. you can def tell the trail system has taken a beating and we need more snow.. for the most part OK, about 45 mins into my ski could feel things softening up. Need snow…

  • Drove through St Vital Park on way home..classic tracks were there, but blown in where its open…

  • City of Winnipeg webpage says city park trails are open.. don’t know if anyone can verify? Might stop by St Vital park on way home and take a peak.. also any updates on Grand Beach? The way that system was moving Grand Beach/Pinawa area should have been hammered hard…

  • BHP Skate on Group use Road… while as other posts have mentioned, for the lack of snow its actually good… minus the fact that I was out numbered by about 10 to 1 with the amount of people walking on the road.. conveniently right up the middle where the skate track is… some girl when I was leaving made a comment along the line “there are…[Read more]

    • Quite something how many walkers were there today. Call me a heretic, but I actually think one of the classic trails should be converted to a walking trail. There’s clearly sufficient demand, particularly this year when people are justifiably craving the outdoors.

      • Too me, it seems that the Group Use Road is the least “understood” to be a ski trail.. we are never going to get rid of people on there for sure, but if the park would put signs up saying hikers stay to the right or something.. I hope the classic trails don’t get hammered this year with walkers.. theres no classic track set so maybe I can see why…[Read more]

  • Can anyone comment on the La Salle river these days??

    • I’ve seen lots of ski activity on La Salle in my Strava feed. No personal experience but the photos and length of time skiing indicate good conditions.