Cass Nagy

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    Good conditions today. Managed to string together 6k, but did a couple of the loops twice. Tracks were groomed but have fallen apart a little due to usage in high traffic areas, still a great ski though! Be warned, the first maybe 500m on the tracks are a bit swampy – there are lots of tall grass and reeds that will slow you down. Once you are…[Read more]

  • Went out for a ski at 8pm tonight. Trails in good condition! Not too many folks out.

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    Is there a map for this location? The link brings you to a broken page! 🙁

  • Had hoped to try out the Tall Grass Prairie loop yesterday morning, unfortunately we were not able to distinguish the xc path from the walking path and a lot of the snow had drifted exposing grass/ground. Oh well! Went to Beaudry instead

  • Took a ski through Beaudry yesterday around 3pm, it was SLAMMED with people. Conditions were good on Elm Trail, though the grooming in some spots has been nearly destroyed by other users of the trail.

  • Enjoyed the Wile Grape and Elm Trail on Dec 21. After the dump of snow Winnipeg got, the trails were groomed by around 10:30am that day. Conditions were good, but the snow being so loose it was quite slippery. Wish there was signage to encourage pedestrians to stay off the classic tracks!

  • Took a ski through Otter Falls on Dec 22nd. Trails were not groomed but luckily someone had been by on skis earlier that day and had made some tracks. Gorgeous 7k route with some tricky hills and terrain. However, as we ended our run the snow began to come down quite heavy, likely different conditions now.