Brent Prusak

  • 6 KM’s of Classic and Skate Trails were freshly groomed this morning. Track is in Great condition. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to our club. There are signs with a QR code that will link directly to the donation page. Credit cards accepted. All donations are used to pay for fuel and maintenace of the groomer. We are also t…[Read more]

    • Great, thanks Brent! This is great there is an online donation page available now.

      A couple ideas to make this easier to get to the donation page:
      – could we get the donation link posted on the Wildwood updates page here on CCSAM? It just has the paper form right now
      – maybe we could get the donation page link to also be posted on the Wildwood…[Read more]

      • Hi Caroline, I sent a request to the administrator to add the QR code to our page. I tried to add it to my profile but the pictures don’t seem to work well on this site.
        We will be in touch with the city to forecast damage to the trails for next season. We can fix them up easily with our equipment.
        Text or email to notify us of deteriorates t…[Read more]

  • Grooming this morning. Should be ready for skiing at 10 am.
    The wind has been a huge challenge this week.

  • Wildwood is freshly groomed. Ready for Friday Classic and Skate Skiers.

  • Please let us know how we can make the trails better. All suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. We are volunteers so please be patient we are learning as we go. Oh and donate so we can buy fuel and groom more. Thanks.

  • We repaired the damaged trail near the first hole tee box yesterday. I also laid some snow across North drive to access hole #8 as the road was ploughed down to the pavement. Enjoy the trails and please consider making a tax deductible donation so we can make the trails better next year. Hopefully we will have enough funds to make a double classic track.

    • Thank you very much! Conditions have been fantastic this week!

      Double classic track would be amazing. How much more $ would be needed to make this happen?