• It looks like there will be new bathrooms at the Grand Beach ski trailhead parking lot.

  • Classic’ed at Grand today. Trail is treacherous. Grooves are shallow and fading. Some rocks showing through and some bare spots starting. I would think by the weekend the classic trail would be in shambles. Lots of walker evidence on the opening climb. Skate deck looks skiable but it’s hard pack and icy.
    If you want to get out there once…[Read more]

  • Parks advises that a special event will take place tomorrow, Sunday, March 17. It will be the “Snow Motion Dog Club”.

  • Kevin Miller posted an update in the group Group logo of Falcon RidgeFalcon Ridge 7 months ago

    From Al Stewart:
    I ski skated Falcon Ridge today and all the trails except on High Lake (slush) were in fabulous shape for both skating and classic. If you get a chance to ski there before the melt you will not find a more beautiful and impeccably groomed trail system. And wow is there snow out there!

  • I agree with Angela’s comments. I have never seen so much debris (pine needles) on the ski trail. I found it nearly impossible to ski in the tracks and wound up skiing out of the tracks instead. A beautiful day but fresh snowfall is the only cure for better conditions.

  • A lot of debris on the trails making it difficult for skis to glide on what would otherwise be fast trails. Stopped by Birds Hill on the way home and the trails there were great.

  • From Esther MacKinlay:

    Friday 8 March — skied Grey Owl trail. Groomed for classic all the way to the cabin. Sometimes double tracked. Track firm and fast but not icy. Some tree debris and lots of animal prints on the trail but these did not hamper our wonderful ski.

    Sunday 10 March — skied the Riding Mountain Compound trail and around Lake…[Read more]

  • From Esther MacKinlay:
    March 10. Tried skiing these trails for the first time. Pretty trails through deciduous forests. A few hills on the north side gave us some thrills and challenges. Really enjoyed skiing these pretty trails. Freshly groomed classic tracks with fun signs and personal touches. There were even several sections freshly groomed…[Read more]

  • Spirit North Festival day today until 3pm. 100+ kids from Nelson House, Beren’s River, Black River and Wanipigow skiing, racing, playing games and having fun!

  • Park’s staff advise that trails were actually groomed today (Thursday) contrary to what the weekly Trail Grooming Report states and are in good condition. Also, a heads up there will be a group of children (100+) out on March 5 for a “ski day”.

  • We classic skied at GB early Saturday afternoon. Tracks were good with about an inch of fresh snow that has been well skied in. The skate area was soft and uneven, with ridges, humps and rough patches, especially on the north Beaver loop. I found a red dog’s bootie on the trail that I forgot to leave at the trailhead – please comment to this…[Read more]

    • I skied there in January and the skate trails then were absolutely terrible. Whatever the park is using to groom them is not working .

  • Anybody ski grand beach today , Friday. Parks web site posted on Thursday that Ski trails will be re groomed Friday Feb 22. Curious what the trails look like?

  • Chris Ashley posted an update in the group Group logo of Falcon RidgeFalcon Ridge 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Falcon Ridge Feb 22 – groomed on the 21st, but received probably an inch of fresh snow overnight and throughout the day. I classic skied both of the high lake routes with elephant head and mighty megan… classic poling along the outside track edge (near forest) is literally hollow in many places. its like there are massive air pockets under in…[Read more]

  • Conditions leave a lot to be desired. 3ish cm of fresh snow. Skating would be miserable as the snow in the skate lane is much deeper than what was in the classic tracks. Skate lane also has some deep tracks and mounds (perhaps from the recent mechanical failure) which made the descents a bit dicey. Poling for Classic was often soft and…[Read more]

  • From Bob Walberg:
    Feb. 18. Cree Trail tracks are in rough shape. Animals, hikers, and snowshoers ruined most of the tracks. Snowshoers walked over both tracks from the shortcut intersection along the long route to Cabin 2. After 100 m or so of nothing but snowshoe prints, I turned back and took the shortcut to Cabin 2. The Assiniboine Trail…[Read more]

  • Trails are freshly groomed.

  • Trails are all groomed and in great condition

  • From Corey Mohr:
    I classic skied Grand Beach on Friday. It was a combination of skier tracks, tilted/packed sections and groomed tracks. The Park staff mentioned, as Floyd said, they had a mechanical with the equipment and hope to groom Monday or Tuesday. Jack Pine Trail has the longest uninterrupted classic tracks.

  • Park staff advised that the trails are not groomed for this weekend. They went out yesterday to groom and broke down in the trails. They had to go and pull the groomer and the track setter back which also damaged parts of the existing trails.

  • Skied the Epinette Creek and Newfoundland trails into Jackfish cabin for Saturday night, and out again this morning. They were groomed Thursday and conditions were very good! Then it snowed a bunch, so it’s a bit more work now.

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