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    Traks are good. The evil spruce cones have been covered up by the recent snow. A partially eaten deer carcass on the Aspen trail just 100 yds east of the GUR parking area. Coyotes in the park? Hope not.

    • Yup. Lots of tracks in the vicinity of the carcass Friday a.m.
      Trails haven’t been groomed in a week but they are very quick [-10c at 8:40 a.m.].
      Icy sections. Love to double pole.
      Esker hill and the run out to the reconnect with Chickadee – beautiful!

    • Sure is coyotes! They must have made the kill last Thursday at 10:30pm. I was out skiing Esker and they starting howling and yipping like crazy! It was quite a large pack and I was surprised how long they were howling. I wondered what was going on.

      • Was out til 930PM tonight , heard some barking but not any howling from a group. Was hoping this was a deer injured by a car and made its way back into the woods and maybe some crows or small animals picked at it. Because it was not fully eaten. I think a pack would have eaten most of it. If its a coyote pack Im not sure if the trails would be safe then. I would not want to be followed a pack of hungry coyotes. 🙁

        • They are in there… I remember skate skiing in a few years ago and stopping for a drink, and 2 were in the bush giving me the stare. there are also Black Bear in the park.. my friend has seen them while MTBing… someone I work with lives in Beasejour has seen dead bear on the side of the road at the 44/49 intersection.. they are all out there!