Bert Graef

  • Friday night 7-9pm Conditions on skate loop were very good with rain and new snow mix from Thursday storm . If you are going Saturday , go in the morning for the best glide, before it gets too warm. Park road is dry and good for cycling or blading also . You can ski in morning and bike in afternoon.

  • Thursday 3-5PM. Was out on skate loop during afternoon storm. There is 1.5 inches of moist new snow on trails and loop. Was fairly good glide during the storm , but snow got wetter and denser as afternoon progressed and glide got worse . In all, should still be very decent skate and classic skiing, if trails get packed down by more skiers and if…[Read more]

  • Wednesday 7:30-9:30PM
    Skate track was still very good and fast with packed down new snow in most places.
    Hope it stays like this for a few more days. Deep woods trails still looked good too.

  • Monday evening 8-10pm
    Skate track was fast and icy. It is holding up very well and nowhere near
    melting as quickly as the loose snow elsewhere. I think that that the 2nd grooming after the big melt
    of a few weeks ago, packed the snow down very well. Its probably still a foot deep in
    most places, and will last for a long time yet, if temps remain…[Read more]

  • Friday evening 730-930pm
    A small amount of new snow gave a decent edge to the skis on the skate trail.
    Conditions are still very good and classic trails are still good, and not as icy.
    Things will hold up for a few days yet.
    North wind whistling through the pines and sunset made for a memorable evening .
    Overall I gave it a 9 out of 10..

  • Thursday evening 800-930pm
    Skate loop was hard and fast. Classic trails are icy and had an easy time just doublepoling.

  • Had a good evening ski until dark. Trails were much better than I thought. Used skate skis on classic trails ,doublepoling with occasional sideskating on uphill gradients. Still well defined track in most places . Skated on group use road . Not bad at all, just a very hard track. If temps stay cool will be good skiing here for a while yet.

  • Bert Graef posted an update 7 months ago

    Skied from 6-9pm . Used red wax that held up well . Very fast conditions . Mostly glazed with icy areas. Basically flying along with little effort later in the evening. Full moon is out. Some skater was going really fast on the skate trail and yelling yahoo!! …so I guess they were happy. Superb conditions, and with full moon out for next few…[Read more]

  • Bert Graef posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 7 months ago

    Skied Lime Kiln, Chickadee , and Bluestem. Great conditions. Avoided all the discouraging debris on the first few hundred meters of the Chickadee trailhead by using other trails to bypass the initial mess, or by going the wrong way for a while . The evenings are absolutely perfect time to ski . No traffic or crowds at all. A small smattering…[Read more]

  • Trails are all groomed. :)) Left the Park at 8pm. The skate trail looks flat and awesome. Nice work BHP staff.