Bert Graef

  • Sunday 6pm-9pm. Started off on skate skis.GUR was somewhat soft from the sun but still ok. The classic trails became superfast at dusk. Switched back and forth from double poling down the trails to going back on the GUR. Fastest conditions I have seen all year. If things stay cool, trails will still last a long time, even if no grooming is…[Read more]

  • GUR is a crusty mess of footprints,paralell grooves and deep x marks but still ok. Grade C- . Ive lowered my standards for skating at BHP somewhat. Where is that groomer?? , sheesh. GUR would be amazing if they would just make one pass to even things out . The west bluestem was quite fast at dusk and after a km of walker sabotage and I was…[Read more]

  • 7-9pm- Classic trails are mostly icy, but I found them not too bad by using my skate skis and double poling. Could be way faster if they were groomed. GUR was mostly a mix of crusty ice, fossilized x patterns, boots and a squiggly fat bike line. Just hard to always focus on balance. Would be world class skiing if the groomer would come out. The…[Read more]

  • Dark and foggy night in BHP but the trails are fast. GUR makes for easy cruising. Classic trails are worn and sloppy close to parking lots, but get better further away.

  • Skied Limekiln, Esker, Chickadee ,Aspen trails after I posted earlier govt report ,and was pleasantly surprised. The trails are worn, yes, but still very decent, even near parking lots. Some sloppy areas and some railroading due to recent snow , but still very very good . If you wish to avoid crowds on New Years and weekend, go early or late.…[Read more]

    • The GUR also looks very good. A mix of an inch of powder and some skate tracks. I think if the trail was more used by skaters , it would be excellent and very fast in these temps even without grooming.

  • Trails have been highly used this
    week causing deteriorating
    Need fresh snow for trails to be
    groomed again,
    Birds Hill

  • GUR was slow and disappointing due to walkers. Needs to be firmer and more packed down. Another quick groom right down the middle would be good . Noticed a 4X4 driving through the bush while on the NE side of the GUR around 430 pm, but I could not tell if it was on horse trail or ski trail . It was whitish grey in colour. Dont know if it was…[Read more]

  • Group use road is in fair shape. The park got a bit more snow than Winnipeg . Just needs more skate skiers to flatten it down and create a good pattern. Then it would be nice and quick .

  • GUR is holding up fairly well under trying conditions. The pack is hard and thin, used by many people anxious for a covid break, and is exposed to asphalt in some places but can avoid these places by being careful. Those in the know, know what I mean. The last four seasons have been enough to try anyone’s patience with late and erratic starts…[Read more]

  • Skied GUR for two laps. The snowpack is thin and walked on, but doable. Just use some caution and watch for a few bare traps which are easily spotted .Stay on the packed foot trail and avoid the loose sides. Did more double poling than actual skating .There is a skier tracked trail on the loop that one skier was using. Best to go CCW.…[Read more]