Bert Graef

  • Went out this evening not expecting much, but did manage to classic ski most of chickadee in reverse a few times .
    I should have skipped the kick wax as the trail is slippery and uneven and best suited for double poling in most places. The snow was very dense and soft and moist in places. Railroading was often. Makes one appreciate a packed…[Read more]

  • 7-9PM. Had to go out for just one last kick at the cat. Wasnt terribly disappointed. A really good evening, but I think its getting close. I stayed on the east side, and its ok from the parking lot to the little hill near the lookout. Skied back and forth a few times without having to dismount .Tomorrow evenng will probably be a different story…[Read more]

  • A small smattering of snow helped the hard packed and somewhat icy GUR situation a bit but not much. Still a good outing because the temps were great and sun was out . 5 other skaters were out. Good to see. Hope the park doesnt plow it. If we get lucky with an inch or two of snow, and temps stay seasonal, we could be skiing for a while yet. I…[Read more]

    • It was 2012-2013. I skied from Nov 12 to Apr 24, a 164 day season. It was also a big snow winter, unlike this year.

      • Nice meeting you boys today! What we would all do for winters like that again. Lets pray for a little more snow before we put the skis away for the season and tear a few more km’s to finish off for the year.

  • Wednesday 3-5pm- still had a decent skate session on the Group use road. Some icy ruts and a very hard surface in most areas. Most places are still in good shape except for a few rutted areas. The middle section connecting south to north loop has10 foot bare asphalt spot that needs to be walked over . . Encountered some walking their…[Read more]

    • Thanks Bert! Perhaps last week’s grooming on GUR has extended the skate ski season a bit. Sadly, I can’t say the same for Spruce – Wednesday afternoon there were many bare patches, footprints, and ruts from a vehicle, some filled with water/ice.

  • Bert Graef posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 2 months ago

    Saturday 330-730PM. Started off doing Lime Kiln trail ,used the short cut to Esker, and back on to Chickadee . Was fine , just some bare spots in places. Ranged from slightly spongy in sunny sections to hard in shade. Still fairly decent classic skiing. Used red/silver mix of klister which worked ok. Switched to skate near sundown, and the track…[Read more]

  • Bert Graef posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 2 months ago

    good afternoon session doing some classic and skate. Park still has excellent trail conditions that will last all weekend. Some walkers were on trails, I guess they think skiing is over. Lots of snow in the park, and skate pack is fast close to zero. Best to go early mornings or evenings this weekend. Tshirt weather!

    • Seen very few skiers out this afternoon. Maybe 4 classic and 2 skaters in 2 hrs . A few more were out after work. These are very very good conditions if you have waxless skis or use klister. I am amazed that so few skiers come out when temps get above freezing. These are actually some of the best times to ski. Will the park and other non…[Read more]

  • Bert Graef posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 2 months ago

    Night skied in BHP till around 9pm. Conditions are quite amazing even though trails havent been groomed. A mix of double poling and striding with some Rode light purple ( an amazing wax), worked well.. Would have stayed much longer, but food and energy ran out. The clear night before was pitch dark, but it seems when there is some overcast the…[Read more]

  • Excellent conditions this afternoon in BHP. A light dusting of snow made the icy tracks less slippery, although they are still a bit glazed in some areas . The skate track looks perfect . Full moon makes for great evening skiing. Enjoy while it lasts.

  • Awesome evening conditions in BHP. Used skating poles with my classic skis and could double pole for miles. Very fast trails, ranging from glazed to icy in sunny areas. The GUR is flat slightly glazed and very fast too. Full moon for the next few evenings, so do not sit around moping after work. These are really really good and exhilarating…[Read more]

    • Agree 100%. Skied at 8:30 this a.m. -5 with a light dusting of snow on the icy tracks. Even the most plodding skier will feel transformed into an olympic calibre athlete under these conditions. I know I did. If you’re doing Chickadee I would recommend the staged hill on Esker right of the warm up hut. Get in the tracks and go!
      It’s time to PVR the…[Read more]

  • Nothing has been groomed or maintained. Rather disappointing . GUR is rough with parallel tracks making things awkward a few boot tracks and a few skate tracks. New snow is cold and slow. Should get better as weekend goes by and the usual weekend crowds pack it down.
    The classic tracks are totally worn out, especially around the parking lots.…[Read more]

    • I agree that there is plenty of snow to groom for any club with utility snowmobile grooming equipment, a 10,000 lb piece of grooming equipment is not always the best. CCSAM needs to work with parks to provide better grooming. BPH has only groomed once this year.

    • While the “not enough snow to groom” is somewhat believable for classic, it is untrue for the skate. Windsor, who have less snow to work with, somehow manage to keep refreshing the skate deck. Surely BHP with its expensive pistenbully could do the same. Frustrating for sure. It’s late Jan. We may not have much more than a month to ski.

  • Bert Graef posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 4 months ago

    Dark and foggy night in BHP but the trails are fast. GUR makes for easy cruising. Classic trails are worn and sloppy close to parking lots, but get better further away.

  • Skied Limekiln, Esker, Chickadee ,Aspen trails after I posted earlier govt report ,and was pleasantly surprised. The trails are worn, yes, but still very decent, even near parking lots. Some sloppy areas and some railroading due to recent snow , but still very very good . If you wish to avoid crowds on New Years and weekend, go early or late.…[Read more]

    • The GUR also looks very good. A mix of an inch of powder and some skate tracks. I think if the trail was more used by skaters , it would be excellent and very fast in these temps even without grooming.

  • Trails have been highly used this
    week causing deteriorating
    Need fresh snow for trails to be
    groomed again,
    Birds Hill

  • GUR was slow and disappointing due to walkers. Needs to be firmer and more packed down. Another quick groom right down the middle would be good . Noticed a 4X4 driving through the bush while on the NE side of the GUR around 430 pm, but I could not tell if it was on horse trail or ski trail . It was whitish grey in colour. Dont know if it was…[Read more]

  • Whats the punishment for skiing without a pass? Cant get a pass because I have no printer or means to pay online. Was this even thought out before? Come on WP people, you had a few months to figure out how to do this for those of us who pay cash every year.

    • You may send us a cheque for a season pass. Payable to “CCSAM” 145 Pacific Ave. Wpg, MB R3B 2Z6. We will send you a pass by return mail. Thank you for supporting our nordic centre. We hope you have an enjoyable ski season.

  • Group use road is in fair shape. The park got a bit more snow than Winnipeg . Just needs more skate skiers to flatten it down and create a good pattern. Then it would be nice and quick .

  • Bert Graef posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 5 months ago

    GUR is holding up fairly well under trying conditions. The pack is hard and thin, used by many people anxious for a covid break, and is exposed to asphalt in some places but can avoid these places by being careful. Those in the know, know what I mean. The last four seasons have been enough to try anyone’s patience with late and erratic starts…[Read more]

  • Skied GUR for two laps. The snowpack is thin and walked on, but doable. Just use some caution and watch for a few bare traps which are easily spotted .Stay on the packed foot trail and avoid the loose sides. Did more double poling than actual skating .There is a skier tracked trail on the loop that one skier was using. Best to go CCW.…[Read more]