Bert Graef

  • 4-6Pm Saturday. Trails were fine and chiseled. On the slippery side, but Rode pink wax 0-+3 took good care of that. Don’t want to admit this, but looking for a day off to relax tired muscles, but dayum,…. the conditions are so amazingly good out here .

  • 5-8:30pm Friday . Excellent conditions ,even quicker after dusk. Thin layer of Silver-red Swix-1+1 corked to transparency provided good kick and was durable.

  • 4pm-7pm. Trails were good. Blue wax worked very well , and trails got faster after the sun went down. Some debris in places, but mostly worked in by skiers, so not a real problem. By 7PM trails were very fast and even the faded blue wax after 2 hoursof use still gave very good kick. Very tempting to stay out when conditions get so good.…[Read more]

  • Rather disappointing day in BHP. So much wind blown debris on the trails that it would slow you down and stop you in tracks. Had to be super careful most of the time . Strained an inner thigh ligament from all the crap on the trails.

    • What trails were you skiing Bert? I skied Esker yesterday and found it to be quite good. While there was debris, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, nor did I find it too limiting. Disclaimer: I was skiing with my kids at their pace.

      • things are quite good now. Most of the tree litter has been packed in by skiers. Night conditions today were much faster than daylight hours yesterday and today . High humidity , thin layer of frost made trails very quick.

  • Perfect day in BHP. But where were all the skiers? Only one car left in Chickadee lot around 530PM.
    Rising full moon was awesome sight.

  • Trails are good , worn in with a bit of new snow from Sunday. Some slight glazed areas from Sundays zero conditions. The temperature drop was very sharp in 12 hours. Back to green wax, possibly blue / green. GUR is fine , with some loose snow needing packing, but good.
    3/4 moon makes for excellent night skiing, with clear skies. Would have…[Read more]

  • Bert Graef posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 3 weeks ago

    I observed the Southwest portion of the GUR skate trail being wrecked by 3 uncaring nimrods trekking right down the middle of it, pulling sleds and carrying equipment. One item on the sled was a propane tank. Where they were going or doing at dusk, I didn’t care to ask. They park at the Chickadee trail. Have observed them twice now. Tried to…[Read more]

  • Bert Graef posted an update 3 weeks ago

    BHP trails are fine exept for the usual scofflaw walkers and some leaf litter . A thin coat of swix silver vr60 fluor, ( yes “evil fluor” , to hell with you EPA retards), kick wax lasted very well.

  • Skied 2 laps of Lime Kiln,( long loop). Very good chiseled trails and fast. Some leaf debris from winds today.
    Full moon by Feb 8 , so some good night skiing this week and next will be possible if weather stays clear.

  • Bert Graef posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 1 month ago

    All trails including GUR skate ,are in very good shape. GUR looks very flat and fast, no boot tracks and only a few skate marks on the cordouroy. Just some tree debris on all trails from the windstorm on Tuesday, but the warmer weather, no wind and fresh grooming make up for it.

  • All the holiday walkers haven’t hurt the skate trail too badly, since the trail is fairly hard now, not icy .
    Just hoping the trail will hold up, and the snowless curse leaves. Seems like everyone else is getting decent snowfall except for a small radius around Winnipeg. Was there a winter hex placed on us? The doppler radar seems to avoid…[Read more]

  • Things are still good on the GUR. Just had a bad encounter with two heavy set ladies and 3 large dogs, arguing over whether walkers were still allowed on the trail. The women said the trails had not yet been groomed, so they were still allowed to walk on the trail. I told them that the trails has been pre- groomed by park snowmobiles in order to…[Read more]

  • Bert Graef posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 2 months ago

    Skate skied the Group use road in the afternoon. Was a fairly decent glide and trail is holding up well. Just a few parallel grooves and ridges to look out for. With no snow in the forecast, this is the best it will be for Christmas break. The classic trail running parallel to the skate trail looks good in most places.

  • Bert Graef posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 2 months ago

    Friday afternoon. The skate trail on the Group use road is very good. Even with the warm weather predicted, the snow pack is too dense and cold for any appreciable deterioration over the next few days. There is a fair classic trail running parallel to the skate trail also. Enjoy the weekend at BHP.

  • The classic trails are rough and not defined. The skate loop would be great if it were only groomed, or if more skaters would pack it down . Its rough slogging on the skate loop with 3-4 inches of unpacked snow. Come on BHP, get that machine out of the shed and do the skate loop at least.

  • Did a few laps on the Group use trail. Kind of hard going because of the tire tracks and softer lumpy snow in the middle. If the park would only pack down the snow by going it over several times with a vehicle and in the middle to pack it down, we would have a half decent skating track at least. Its not rocket science, but I guess no one really…[Read more]

    • Supposed to get 5-10cm tonite and tomorrow.. hopefully the wind stays somewhat light , probably gonna be alot of fluff that will just blow away into the bush…

  • The group use trail is skatable. I did almost 3 laps and had no problems. Icy subsurface makes it harder to plant poles, but its really not bad at all. Would be nice to get a few more skiers out to pack the surface and make it faster though.

  • Went to BHP yesterday to have a look around. The classic trails are not skiable yet. However the group use area has some snow on top of a rutted icy asphalt. The constant snow and ice and melting , missed with rain ,drizzle and thawing, have created a black ice foundation.. Some tire tracks and mainly an inch of snow is there. The asphalt is all…[Read more]

    • Well there is a special weather statement for upto 10cm of snow by Sunday… but the regular city forecast is saying 2cm… who knows.. at this rate by the time we get on our skis it will be time to pull the road bike out again!

      • I was biking on the trails until all the rain on Sunday night. I did see one happy fatbiker on the classic trails yesterday. . I think its possible to skate ski already, but have to be careful at first . If we just get one or two cm of snow in the park, I think it will be no problem to pack down a fair skate trail.

  • Friday evening 730-930pm
    A small amount of new snow gave a decent edge to the skis on the skate trail.
    Conditions are still very good and classic trails are still good, and not as icy.
    Things will hold up for a few days yet.
    North wind whistling through the pines and sunset made for a memorable evening .
    Overall I gave it a 9 out of 10..

  • Thursday evening 800-930pm
    Skate loop was hard and fast. Classic trails are icy and had an easy time just doublepoling.

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