Arni Jakobson

  • Birds Hill Park, Friday afternoon, -1°.
    Skate: The new grooming on the Group Use Road is generally very good to excellent. There are a few short sections on the interior bays that are a bit soft, and a number of very short few sections on the edge of the road where dirt was churned up. At one point during my 3 laps, my right ski decelerated…[Read more]

    • Kevin, are the classic trails groomed as well? Don’t believe you mentioned yet if they are tracked and groomed.

      • Alison’s report on late Thursday afternoon says: “Thursday afternoon we were delighted to see that all BHP classic trails had been groomed. …”

  • Wednesday afternoon, -3°. Skate skiing on the Group Use Road was good — nice snow on top of an icy base. I used a good pair of skis. There were 4 of us, plus at least 15 walkers and a few dogs. There were more footprints that had exposed the base on my last lap compared to my first.

    A classic track exists on the outside edge of the road. Both…[Read more]