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    Classic: skied chickadee and Esker and I agree with Allan’s last post. It snowed well enough in BHP to cover up almost all of the shotty areas! Was nice to see some more snow finally and so beautiful skiing with snow falling straight down on you. Even though it was a fairly windy day out, I love coming to the park, as the trees absorb most of it. It was near dead calm on the trails!

    Skate: GUR was near perfect! A little slow with the new fallen snow but finally, the west icy side of the loop had a decent snow base that you could actually skate down the middle for what seemed like the first time for awhile! Somewhere down the line though, I got a good fresh new scratch on my good skis. Boo. Oh well. It was worth taking the fast skis down the loop. Should be perfect conditions this week with the snowy forecast ahead!