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    Does anyone know if the skate loop on the GUR has been groomed yet? They didn’t groom during the holidays I noticed which is understandable, but i’m hoping to get out to skate there soon. Any update on this would be much appreciated. Thanks

    • Was out yesterday afternoon, and was fairly smooth . Dont know if they did anything today, probably not. Some were still wallking on the trail even with all the alerts and things, but it’s still mainly good. Best to probably go when temperature dips below zero, and after sunset then the trail is quite fast. I like to go on both classic trails and skate GUR in same session, just doublepoling down the classic trails with my skate skis, then back on to the skate loop to mix things around. The classic trails are quite fast, and need a sticky wax for a good kick.

    • I finished skating the GUR today about 1:00 it was fast and not too many boot holes, but more than yesterday. overall it is okay. It is not getting soft at all, the center area is a little harder than I like. There were quite a few skaters today, if you read the park report it indicated that they will not groom until more snow. It would be nice if they did the GUR.

    • Thanks Bert and Allan for the replies! Yeah I love to get some double poling in as well Bert as it’s a fun way to mix up the exercises. Was fun when they also had the classic tracks around the GUR loop for quick ins and outs!