Arni Jakobson

  • BHP Thursday afternoon 3pm shortly after Kevin from his last update. I did almost the exact same run.
    Classic: Chickadee, Esker
    Skate: GUR
    I have about the same info as Kevin. The classic tracks are beautiful! Only debris I really found and had to dodge through was on the very northern section of Chickadee shortly after the last of the downhill…[Read more]

  • I just had an Instagram post pop up from Windsor Park Nordic Centre(wpnordic) which stated that they have repaired all of their trails and the conditions are near perfect right now, for anyone wanting info on where to ski this weekend! Enjoy

  • Skate ski today. Trails were good for not being groomed in the what looked like the last couple of days. Trails were fair and the skate deck was near perfectly flat everywhere. A little firm in spots and especially on the downhills and takes a little more control. There was debris around but nothing really that looked as though it would affect…[Read more]

  • Skied Esker and Chickadee today. -9C and no wind in BHP that I could feel. When it’s windy, I love the fact that we can get shelter in the trees at the park and still enjoy the trails without freezing our faces off! Esker is in great condition almost all of the way through. Tracks cut up a bit here and there but no major concerns. The…[Read more]

  • Skied Aspen and Chickadee this afternoon. Very fun ski! Debris on 1st quarter or so of Aspen. Skated the mid section through all of the crud and then shortly after that, about the first sign of the skate section, smooth sailing after that! Beautiful grooming job indeed by the BHP staff! Skate deck looked amazing from what I could see!

  • Skate skied the blue and green loops. Conditions were good to great! It had been groomed everywhere today. The skate path was near fantastic everywhere. Double poling some of the classic tracks was excellent as well, with a bit of debris here and there on the tracks. Nothing too concerning that I saw though. Classic tracks have a really nice…[Read more]

  • Classic skied the blue loop and a majority of the green loop as well. Best ski of the season so far! Thanks grooming staff! No major complaints at all considering that it’s had a once over or so and the tracks were near lightning speed in areas. Snow was a little soft on poling but overall, pretty decent. By the looks of the skate track, it…[Read more]

  • Skied Bluestem this morning. Has not been groomed yet. Skier packed only and not very fast of course due to the new falled snow, but decent conditions otherwise. Definitely had fun through there today and don’t be scared of those winds out there. It’s not bad in the park where you’re tree’d in! Quite a nice ski with some of the snow falling…[Read more]

  • Does anyone know if the skate loop on the GUR has been groomed yet? They didn’t groom during the holidays I noticed which is understandable, but i’m hoping to get out to skate there soon. Any update on this would be much appreciated. Thanks

    • Was out yesterday afternoon, and was fairly smooth . Dont know if they did anything today, probably not. Some were still wallking on the trail even with all the alerts and things, but it’s still mainly good. Best to probably go when temperature dips below zero, and after sunset then the trail is quite fast. I like to go on both classic trails…[Read more]

    • I finished skating the GUR today about 1:00 it was fast and not too many boot holes, but more than yesterday. overall it is okay. It is not getting soft at all, the center area is a little harder than I like. There were quite a few skaters today, if you read the park report it indicated that they will not groom until more snow. It would be nice…[Read more]

    • Thanks Bert and Allan for the replies! Yeah I love to get some double poling in as well Bert as it’s a fun way to mix up the exercises. Was fun when they also had the classic tracks around the GUR loop for quick ins and outs!

  • In BIrds Hill 3 times this weekend and conditions were near perfect! Besides the odd footprints here and there on Aspen close to the Chikadee parking lot, the trails were fast and in general great shape! Hope this nice weather doesn’t melt off too much of our recent snowfall. Looking forward to a few cm’s of snow later this week to get…[Read more]

    • the mild weather wont affect the trails that much, as the sun is still very low in the sky. After sunset and cooling off, the trails are quite fast. You may find a bare spot in places, or those loose spruce cones may jolt you if you arent careful around them, but the trails will last. They are probably quite glazed from the traffic and some…[Read more]

      • Yeah i agree Bert! I have been loving the fast trails. One or 2 spruce cones gave me a bit of a halt yesterday(haha) but other than that, it was great! I love the early morning skis or the twilight ones as well!

  • Early Friday morning New Year ski on Aspen! Conditions were perfect! I highly recommend getting out there today. Fast conditions and beautiful looking trails with all of the horfrost(probably not spelt correct haha). Have fun out there today and get moving!!!

  • Skied Esker in BHP early this morning and the trails are great thanks to the park staff. The trails clearly need a little more snow to fill in the 5% of rough spots within the trails but no complaints here! Trail conditions were also pretty fast! Enjoy

  • Skied Esker in BHP early this morning and the trails are great thanks to the park staff. The trails clearly need a little more snow to fill in the 5% of rough spots within the trails but no complaints here! Trail conditions were also pretty fast! Enjoy

  • Sunday morning -14 and calm skate ski on the GUR with a friend who was doing classic on the outskirts. Just like yesterday, conditions were great for skate, and pretty good for classic he said.

  • Saturday morning/afternoon -7 degree skate ski on the GUR. Conditions were really good and fast from the amount of skiers that have packed down the base. Looking forward to another ski tomorrow morning. I assume, with the upcoming snow ahead this week, that the classic tracks will be fully set soon as well. The classic tracks down the GUR…[Read more]