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  • Skate skied the GUR this afternoon. No grooming still. Boooo. Howling winds, and powder were the conditions to contend with. Still, not a bad ski to be honest. It was still moderately fast zipping through some of that fluffy new snow. The classic trails that I passed all looked like they were in really good condition! Way to go skiers!

  • 9am skied all of Bluestem which was in stellar condition! The high winds hardly made a dent anywhere along the path. Tracks were lightning fast!! I also skate skied the GUR twice around and the trail was perfect! The 2 bays were in great shape as well and again, very fast conditions. Lots of people out this morning. Kick sledders, dog…[Read more]

  • -5C yesterday evening and the groomed trails were more than amazing! Was nice to see lots of people out at the nordic centre night skiing. Lots of deer gathered over on Brent’s loop. It seemed as though everyone from kids to families to couples to biathletes and groups of people together were skiing and enjoying the nice weather. Nothing short…[Read more]

  • I skied the east half of Bluestem and Chickadee yesterday afternoon. All trails were still only skier packed. Kudos to all the skiers in keeping up both lanes on all trails. Can anyone give me info on why the trails aren’t groomed yet after the last snowfall which was a number of days ago already? I ask because yesterday, all of the roads had…[Read more]

  • Exceptional grooming at Kildonan Park today! Slowish conditions to say the least with the frigid temps out there. Fun ski though.

  • Skied Bluestem this morning. Glide was tremendous! The entire trail was immaculately groomed and just enough skiers on it to break down the new snow and quicken up the tracks! I don’t remember seeing Bluestem in such good shape. It was a very fun ski!

  • Great ski today on the classic trails of Aspen and Chickadee! Trails were moderately fast with the amount of skiers that have been out on the freshly groomed tracks. The skate of the GUR looks amazing with the new grooming, but is unfortunately slow. Will be great when the weather gets a little warmer. Definitely hit the classic trails though.…[Read more]

  • Decided to try out Kildonan Park this morning for a quick ride and found myself doing close to 10km in the cold weather as I couldn’t believe how well groomed the trail was in the golf course! Some of the best classic skiing this year even as of yet considering the somewhat slower conditions because of the cold weather. I was surprised to get…[Read more]

  • Wednesday afternoon 3pm Esker ski in -26C(-40 windchill). Our glide zones were like sandpaper today. The skied in tracks were decent for the most part. It sure will be nice to have groomed trails again soon but may be unlikely until start of next week after the holidays. Overall, good enough conditions for anyone to get out and enjoy,…[Read more]

  • Arni Jakobson posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 9 months ago

    Saturday 2pm Classic ski in the park in -21C conditions with outstanding glide! No problems on the skied-in tracks at all. No bad news, only good news! Don’t wait for grooming. Get out and enjoy. Merry Christmas to all!

  • Arni Jakobson posted an update in the group Group logo of TeulonTeulon 9 months, 1 week ago

    Skied 4 laps of Teulon’s trail system this afternoon. The trail is packed and tracked and no need for rock skis! I had a great skate ski out there today. They definitely need more snow out there to pack the trail evenly as most of the trails have a lip in the middle which looked as though it was packed twice around in 2 segments and was unlevel…[Read more]

  • Yesterday
    Classic: skied chickadee and Esker and I agree with Allan’s last post. It snowed well enough in BHP to cover up almost all of the shotty areas! Was nice to see some more snow finally and so beautiful skiing with snow falling straight down on you. Even though it was a fairly windy day out, I love coming to the park, as the trees absorb…[Read more]

  • I live near Kildonan Park and found that they have just packed and tracked all city parks as stated on the website. KP certainly is. I tried my bet at it. After 1 lap around the park, I packed it in. Kudos to the Parks staff for tracking the parks for skiing, there’s no doubt about that, but with the lack of snow in there, I guess…[Read more]

  • BHP Thursday afternoon 3pm shortly after Kevin from his last update. I did almost the exact same run.
    Classic: Chickadee, Esker
    Skate: GUR
    I have about the same info as Kevin. The classic tracks are beautiful! Only debris I really found and had to dodge through was on the very northern section of Chickadee shortly after the last of the downhill…[Read more]

  • Arni Jakobson posted an update 10 months ago

    I just had an Instagram post pop up from Windsor Park Nordic Centre(wpnordic) which stated that they have repaired all of their trails and the conditions are near perfect right now, for anyone wanting info on where to ski this weekend! Enjoy

  • Skate ski today. Trails were good for not being groomed in the what looked like the last couple of days. Trails were fair and the skate deck was near perfectly flat everywhere. A little firm in spots and especially on the downhills and takes a little more control. There was debris around but nothing really that looked as though it would affect…[Read more]

  • Skied Esker and Chickadee today. -9C and no wind in BHP that I could feel. When it’s windy, I love the fact that we can get shelter in the trees at the park and still enjoy the trails without freezing our faces off! Esker is in great condition almost all of the way through. Tracks cut up a bit here and there but no major concerns. The…[Read more]

  • Skied Aspen and Chickadee this afternoon. Very fun ski! Debris on 1st quarter or so of Aspen. Skated the mid section through all of the crud and then shortly after that, about the first sign of the skate section, smooth sailing after that! Beautiful grooming job indeed by the BHP staff! Skate deck looked amazing from what I could see!

  • Skate skied the blue and green loops. Conditions were good to great! It had been groomed everywhere today. The skate path was near fantastic everywhere. Double poling some of the classic tracks was excellent as well, with a bit of debris here and there on the tracks. Nothing too concerning that I saw though. Classic tracks have a really nice…[Read more]

  • Classic skied the blue loop and a majority of the green loop as well. Best ski of the season so far! Thanks grooming staff! No major complaints at all considering that it’s had a once over or so and the tracks were near lightning speed in areas. Snow was a little soft on poling but overall, pretty decent. By the looks of the skate track, it…[Read more]

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