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  • 16 km skate on the GUR this morning! I had so much fun out there. Skate is very good on the South-South East side of the loop wheras the West-North West side is more icy and you will want to double pole some of that area likely. With the nice temps today, skate should be alright actually as it melts a bit of the snow and gives you more push off…[Read more]

    • I think we will have a few more days of skating. Im just avoiding the west section, its not going to last much longer. Its easier just to turn around and go back and forth on the still very good other sections.

  • As of today, does anyone know how the skate loop on the GUR is holding up still? Thanks

    • Its still pretty good, except for a few icy areas and rutted spots. Did two laps this afternoon. Some boot tracks but not bad at all. An inch of snow would make it great and cover a lot of sins. The east area is still very good, though I saw 3 walkers and 3 dogs as I was leaving at 5pm. Non walking signs were still up.

  • Ultra fast trails! We were night skiing last night and with the temp and the really quick trails, we could have stayed out there all night! Riding good skin skis, never a problem with grip on the tracks in any icy conditions! All the grip in the world. Enjoy speedy tracks and get your fill before the weekend for sure. Nice to see a bunch of…[Read more]

  • Skate skied the GUR late Tuesday afternoon and the skate track is near perfect right now! I would only suggest that if you’re moonlight skiing, to watch out for the glazed areas that are only slightly icy. Fast and very fun yesterday! I will definitely be going be going back tonight to classic ski as well as the trails are in awesome condition…[Read more]

  • Icy trails on the east side going up towards Steeple view trail, and of course, really fast conditions. I’m a little late posting this, as I was up there on Sunday. Should be very similar conditions though. Much the same as Teulon, which I skied last Friday. Very fun conditions to double pole in! Both places, the trails are still holding up…[Read more]

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    Aspen was extremely fast yesterday! 4:36/km yesterday on average over 7 km and that’s also using skin skis. I didn’t have one problem with grip yesterday on the skins, which doesn’t come as a surprise. The only time i have any issue with skins, are conditions with freshly fallen snow. Fast fast fast conditions out there and you don’t want to…[Read more]

  • Wednesday afternoon -16C skied Aspen trail. As conditions are warming up since the cold snap, the glide is much more sufficient already and about to be a whole lot better for Saturday and Sunday! Great trail conditions all around.

  • -19C and skied Esker and Chikadee with next to zero wind! Tracks are in great condition and the glide is to be expected – slow(ish), however, with good glide waxed skis, you will definitely get decent glide out there. Nice to see more people out on the trails as these temps start to ascend once again! Good to great skiing today! Have fun out there!!

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    Skied Teulon Saturday around noon. First time ever out there and all I can say is…WOW! What a course!!! I am in love with this place for both classic and skate. Very hilly and a definite mountain feel in some parts of the course. So much fun! I will be out that way again very soon. Conditions were perfect and the grooming is impeccable.…[Read more]

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    Trails are the best I’ve seen this year yet and fast! BHP staff know how to groom, period!

  • Skate skied the west trails in Camp Morton out in Gimli today! Quite a bit of falling snow and definitely a workout moving through their 5+ km trail but snow was fast considering the amount to ski through. The trip to Gimli is well worth it for anybody and all ski abilites. It’s a blast out there and some of the most beautiful trails I have…[Read more]

  • Skied Kildonan Park Wednesday night. Despite wet(ish) snow, some of the fastest snow i have been on this year. Just too bad for the sloppy trails. Does anyone know why the city isn’t grooming like they used to on weekends? Lack of snow? I doubt its that because it seems like there is enough in the parks and surely they could do something or…[Read more]

  • Skied Bluestem this morning. Has not been groomed yet. Skier packed only and not very fast of course due to the new falled snow, but decent conditions otherwise. Definitely had fun through there today and don’t be scared of those winds out there. It’s not bad in the park where you’re tree’d in! Quite a nice ski with some of the snow falling…[Read more]

  • Skied Kildonan park classic tracks tonight. Tracks are holding quite well. Fast conditions and a little spotty with debris here and there, but overall, good. Looking forward to a small dump of snow this week!

  • KP – forgot to mention, don’t try your luck going under the bridges to the north side of the golf course as there are lots of open and exposed areas of rock, gravel, sand, twigs,etc. Access it from the hill close to main street. Also, while out on the golf course, careful on those newer skis as there a few spots to watch out for with underlying…[Read more]

  • Skied Kildonan Park golf course last night. Tracks are getting thinner in depth and the nice weather has melted away some from the top but tracks are in decent condition despite this. Tracks are still nice and firm and even though it’s been used heavily by the amount of skiers, most of the tracks in the course are quite crisp! Lots of fun. Get…[Read more]

  • Does anyone know if the skate loop on the GUR has been groomed yet? They didn’t groom during the holidays I noticed which is understandable, but i’m hoping to get out to skate there soon. Any update on this would be much appreciated. Thanks

    • Was out yesterday afternoon, and was fairly smooth . Dont know if they did anything today, probably not. Some were still wallking on the trail even with all the alerts and things, but it’s still mainly good. Best to probably go when temperature dips below zero, and after sunset then the trail is quite fast. I like to go on both classic trails…[Read more]

    • I finished skating the GUR today about 1:00 it was fast and not too many boot holes, but more than yesterday. overall it is okay. It is not getting soft at all, the center area is a little harder than I like. There were quite a few skaters today, if you read the park report it indicated that they will not groom until more snow. It would be nice…[Read more]

    • Thanks Bert and Allan for the replies! Yeah I love to get some double poling in as well Bert as it’s a fun way to mix up the exercises. Was fun when they also had the classic tracks around the GUR loop for quick ins and outs!

  • In BIrds Hill 3 times this weekend and conditions were near perfect! Besides the odd footprints here and there on Aspen close to the Chikadee parking lot, the trails were fast and in general great shape! Hope this nice weather doesn’t melt off too much of our recent snowfall. Looking forward to a few cm’s of snow later this week to get…[Read more]

    • the mild weather wont affect the trails that much, as the sun is still very low in the sky. After sunset and cooling off, the trails are quite fast. You may find a bare spot in places, or those loose spruce cones may jolt you if you arent careful around them, but the trails will last. They are probably quite glazed from the traffic and some…[Read more]

      • Yeah i agree Bert! I have been loving the fast trails. One or 2 spruce cones gave me a bit of a halt yesterday(haha) but other than that, it was great! I love the early morning skis or the twilight ones as well!

  • Early Friday morning New Year ski on Aspen! Conditions were perfect! I highly recommend getting out there today. Fast conditions and beautiful looking trails with all of the horfrost(probably not spelt correct haha). Have fun out there today and get moving!!!

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    9AM skate ski in WP this morning. Good conditions, a little slow for a skate this morning maybe due to the light snow last night but should be good by now with the amount of people I saw coming in to the parking lot when I finished. Great job to the WP staff as the trails look great! Fun outing.

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