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  • After countless hours working on our trails, some of them using shovels, and some of them after dark, our groomers are happy to report that Bittersweet trails are now, at last, all groomed and ready for our weekend skiers.

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    Our groomers continue to work at improving our skate trails! We can now report that Ridge Runner trail is in good condition, while World Cup condition is rated as ‘fair’.

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    Oak Meadow and Skaters Waltz skate trails groomed today and in very good condition.

  • Here at Bittersweet, we are having one big snowfall after another, making it difficult to keep our trails groomed. But our classic trails are being groomed this morning, ( Saturday), weather forecasts notwithstanding. The skate trails still need to be packed and then groomed. We will post that information as soon as it is available.

  • This morning is bright and sunny, but very cold. The plan was to groom Bittersweet Trails today, but a closer look reveals that yet another dump of snow is expected tonight. Our groomers have decided to groom Friday morning instead. We hope that our trails will then be in prime condition for weekend skiers!

  • It snowed all day Sunday at Bittersweet! Monday the trails on the east side were all groomed, but not the Cottonwood system, and not the skate trails, which are still buried under all this new snow.
    With even more snow forecast for Tuesday, we are waiting until Wednesday before grooming again.

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    After a week of warm temperatures and freezing rain, the icy conditions proved to be too much for our grooming machines. They are unable to break the ice into small, manageable crumble that can be groomed. After skiing a bit on some trails, we can report that the tracks have skiffs of snow in the bottoms, and that skiing is possible if one is…[Read more]

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    The icy conditions created by the past week’s arm temperatures and freezing rain have proved too much for our machines to renovate. We are unable to improve the conditions that exist. So, skiers who are aware, careful, and experienced can find skiing at Bittersweet only fair. The big hills should definitely be avoided, but the skiff on snow lying…[Read more]

  • It is snowing this morning, but rain is forecast for this afternoon. Our groomers ask that skiers avoid our trails today. They plan to groom on Friday morning in more wintery conditions, ready for good weekend skiing.

  • After Tuesday’s warm temperatures and light rain, our trails are icy, requiring klister. Skiing is not recommended, and the big hills are dangerous. We are waiting for conditions to improve before renovating our trails, and we will post when we have done so.

  • All classic trail were groomed today. Our groomers will be out tomorrow morning, ( Sunday ) to groom the skate trails for all our skating friends. Join us!

  • We have lots and lots of snow, and some of it is blown into big drifts across trails. Our groomers plan to groom on Saturday morning, after the forecast snow on Friday night. Please be patient. There should be good skiing by Saturday noon. The parking lot has already been plowed.

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    Found on the skate trail as it crosses our yard, a pair of men’s sunglasses. Black frames with blue lenses. Please contact us to claim them. Ardythe McMaster

  • What a week at Bittersweet! More snow! More winds! and heavy traffic from several busloads of school kids! But our groomers, skilled and dedicated as they are, have come through once again. The trails are all now freshly rejuvenated, both classic and skate, ready for weekend skiers to enjoy.

  • Snow! Snow! Bittersweet has loads of soft new, fluffy snow! Our groomers are out working this morning, Saturday, starting from the east end trailhead, and concentrating in the areas around the Nordic Centre The Cottonwood system will be the last to be groomed, but plans are to groom the entire trail system today.

  • Although we were warned of heavy snowfall overnight Thursday, not one flake has fallen! But our plan to groom for the weekend skiers has indeed happened. Most of the trails were groomed Friday, while those in areas sheltered from the winds, or little used by skiers this week, were left in good condition.

  • Bittersweet Trails have had 2 dumps of snow this week, so our groomers are busy! The classic trails were all groomed by noon today, Saturday, and the skate trails grooming will be completed by mid afternoon today. All this soft snowy whiteness is so beautiful!

  • The Bittersweet Trails were groomed this morning, December 31.
    Happy New year, Skiers All!

  • Here at Bittersweet we have had a lovely dump of snow. All the classic trails were freshly groomed on Monday, and the skate trails are being groomed right now… early Tuesday morning. I will post when they are ready.

  • All Bittersweet trails have been freshly groomed today. The fresh snow topped by the freezing rain has made for impressive looking tracks. The skate trail will be open soon. Watch for it! Merry Christmas to All!

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