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    Skied the campground trail yesterday. The park report says excellent conditions. The conditions are good, not excellent. As Alison mentioned, the double track is nice, but a bit of a stretch as the trail is probably too narrow for it. Otherwise, tracks were decent. A little shallow, but fast and fun.

    I was disappointed to find that the skate ski trail was double trackset. I double poled about a km to see if the trackset would turn into packed trail for skate. Sadly, no. The park either had a very human moment or needs to update their trail map to reflect that there is no skate trail at Hecla.

    • I skied there 3 years ago and the grooming report then said the skate trails were groomed; they were not.

    • The Park clarified that the double track-setting of the skate trail was an honest mistake by the groomer. They went on to say: “The Yellow Trail will be regroomed and corrected to be single track only with a skate ski lane between Lakeview & Gull Harbour.”