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    Skied Bluestem this morning. From the stables to Griffith’s Hill was decent, occasionally blown in, but a few skiers had already rediscovered a single track. From Griffith’s to Chickadee parking lot the tracks were almost entirely snow covered and often blown in. It was a bit better from the parking lot back to the stables. The good news: lots of snow. Zero grass or thin spots (but some debris from the wind). I checked the Group Use Road out of curiosity near the Chickadee parking lot. Some faint evidence of the corduroy that would have been there yesterday. Would have been a sandpaper skate today.

    • The park should groom it again obviously but they won’t until next week. There should be user fees/seasons passes in place so the park could finance better maintenance and oversight of the trails. Seems to be what’s done in Ontario and Minnesota

      • Well, perhaps they’ll groom again and we’ll be pleasantly surprised. I do agree that an additional fee for more frequent ski trail grooming seems like a good idea, provided it ensured more reliable / frequent grooming, and I suspect most skiers would be happy to pay. However, we may then have to complain about inappropriate trail use (walking, dogs, etc) AND lack of enforcement of users paying appropriate fees lol.