• Skied Bluestem today. Heading east from Chickadee parking lot, the trails have been wrecked by snowmobilers as soon as Bluestem merges with Aspen. Once passed the ranch, where Bluestem veers off from Aspen to the north, it is as it was: still fairly well skied-in from fellow skiers with sections of good gliding, especially considering no grooming…[Read more]

    • Anita & I skied Bluestem on Thursday afternoon. We agree with AnthonyKW — it has a very good skier-made track.
      Apparently, the snowmobile “damage” on Chickadee and Aspen were park staff. Those trails are packed full width, perhaps in preparation for setting a shallow track by pulling a tracksetter behind a snowmobile (versus using their large and…[Read more]