• GUR was a pleasure to ski on this afternoon. Saw 6 walkers, 3 of whom I politely informed of the road’s winter designated use. Of the people (about 10) that I have approached this season, not one had any idea they weren’t supposed to be there. This ongoing conflict falls on the park. While parking lot signage states no walking on ski trails, non…[Read more]

    • Agreed! GUR was awesome today… reading Kevins comment from BHP it seemed that the classic trails weren’t very good.. where Aspen crossed the GUR for skate it looked the best it has all year to be honest… a friend on Bluestem also said it was better than anything he had been on in the city all year!

    • ah..they just walk all over the dam place. Parents with kids, with sleds, they just don’t care. Every day I see something new. A guy with boots on and cellphone and WRITING notes in the warming shack on Saturday. ANOTHER hut walk in party OF THREE WITHOUT SKIS a week ago They can make the sign as big as a billboard and they still will walk on…[Read more]

  • Classic and skate skied this morning. Classic not groomed and slow with a light dusting of new snow overnight. About 1/3 of skate touched up by Jim this morning. These spots are excellent and fast, and include main drag, Brent’s loop, and all of green other than the graveyard loop. All of blue not groomed, except for Jimmy’s dip. Lots of deb…[Read more]

  • Excellent conditions for both classic and skate now.

  • Skied a lap of green this morning. Skate has improved greatly since the recent snowfall, though I noticed some gravel in two
    places. Classic tracks are mostly thin and shallow. Need more snow.

    • Totally agree.. Lots of debris in places too.. track along archibald is VERY thin.. like down to the grass.. it always seems like that spot never traps any snow.. from Bonivital to Seine was was good for a while, then just seemed like alot of nothing groomed… def need more snow…