• Skied the campground trail yesterday. The park report says excellent conditions. The conditions are good, not excellent. As Alison mentioned, the double track is nice, but a bit of a stretch as the trail is probably too narrow for it. Otherwise, tracks were decent. A little shallow, but fast and fun.

    I was disappointed to find that the skate ski…[Read more]

    • I skied there 3 years ago and the grooming report then said the skate trails were groomed; they were not.

    • The Park clarified that the double track-setting of the skate trail was an honest mistake by the groomer. They went on to say: “The Yellow Trail will be regroomed and corrected to be single track only with a skate ski lane between Lakeview & Gull Harbour.”

  • Conditions leave a lot to be desired. 3ish cm of fresh snow. Skating would be miserable as the snow in the skate lane is much deeper than what was in the classic tracks. Skate lane also has some deep tracks and mounds (perhaps from the recent mechanical failure) which made the descents a bit dicey. Poling for Classic was often soft and…[Read more]

  • Grooming report says last day of grooming was Jan 31. I skied Chickadee this morning and grooming had started on the Group Use Road. No classic trails had been groomed yet. Lots of fresh snow there.

  • Park staff says trails are being groomed today.

  • Skied Bluestem this morning. From the stables to Griffith’s Hill was decent, occasionally blown in, but a few skiers had already rediscovered a single track. From Griffith’s to Chickadee parking lot the tracks were almost entirely snow covered and often blown in. It was a bit better from the parking lot back to the stables. The good news: lots of…[Read more]

    • The park should groom it again obviously but they won’t until next week. There should be user fees/seasons passes in place so the park could finance better maintenance and oversight of the trails. Seems to be what’s done in Ontario and Minnesota

      • Well, perhaps they’ll groom again and we’ll be pleasantly surprised. I do agree that an additional fee for more frequent ski trail grooming seems like a good idea, provided it ensured more reliable / frequent grooming, and I suspect most skiers would be happy to pay. However, we may then have to complain about inappropriate trail use (walking,…[Read more]

  • Skied at 9 this morning. Trails were being groomed. Green was finished, and Jim was working on Blue. By the end of my ski, Blue Oval, Black Diamond, and Dog Tooth were finished, with Jim heading for Deer Leg. What was groomed was excellent for classic, and the pristine corduroy for skate looked tempting, but far too cold for skate. Those looking…[Read more]

  • From Birds Hill Park: “park staff have started to pack the trails today. More snow will be required to properly track-set the classic trails.”

  • Excellent conditions for classic. No grooming has occurred on Group Use Road or Spruce for skate.

  • Has anyone been to Grand Beach or know of the conditions there?

  • Conditions are excellent at the park. All classic trails have fresh tracks, and so far the wind has had no negative effect. The Group Use Road, along with the little loops off of it, has also been groomed. As of noon today, the Spruce trail had not been groomed.

  • A couple cm of new / blown in snow on trails this morning. Poor for classic and skate at this point.

  • Very good conditions at the park today. -17 and sunny. Skied Bluestem, Chickadee, and Spruce.

    Bluestem and Chickadee are in great condition. The left-side tracks have a cm or so of powder that hasn’t been skied in, but the right tracks are well skied in. Green wax was mostly satisfactory, although at times I wondered if blue wax would have been…[Read more]

  • Skied Aspen this morning. The good news was there was at least 5cm of fresh snow on the trails as of 930am. The unfortunate thing was of the 3 other people I saw on the trail, all of them were breaking Park rules on ski trails. 2 people were skiing with off-leash dogs, while the other was dog sledding, weaving in and out of what remained of the…[Read more]

  • AnthonyKW posted an update in the group Group logo of SandilandsSandilands 1 year, 8 months ago

    Skied Purple, Green, and Yellow at Sandilands today. ~1cm fresh snow on the trails.

    The recent snow on Purple and Green was well skied-in and these trails were in good condition.

    The yellow trail is in need of grooming. It was somewhat skied in, but not enough to prevent the skis from wandering out regularly. Some of the descents on this trail…[Read more]

  • Skate skied the Group Use Road and the Spruce trail at the end of Nimowin Road. Temp was -10 with 1-2 cm of new snow. Spruce was in good condition. Trail was firm, mostly level, and reasonably fast. Little evidence of inappropriate use (walkers, snowmobiles). It is shallow in places, with occasional debris and grass poking through. The Group Use…[Read more]

  • As Chris Ashley said, the classic trails are in great condition. I would add that the group use road was also groomed for skate skiing. It is also in very good condition. Thanks to BHP staff for readying the trails in time for the weekend.

  • Went for a chilly, slow ski at BHP. From the Chickadee parking lot, Chickadee looked to be the only trail with skied-in snow. Chickadee was mostly good, relatively speaking. Slow, a little blown in in spots, but as good as can be expected at -27 with new snow, recent blowing snow, and no grooming in a month. Esker, as seen from the point where the…[Read more]

  • Skated the group use road and classic skied lime kiln and esker today. -4 on arrival this morning, -12 when I left.

    The group use road is nicely packed. I suspect it has been groomed more recently than the Park’s last update suggests (Dec 18) as there was evidence of hard corduroy in some sections and it was well packed. Much better condition…[Read more]

  • Classic skied Esker this morning, and skate skied the Group Use Road and new Spruce trail out and back. The MB Parks update says Esker is “hard packed, bare patches,” ( with last grooming date Dec 18. I found the tracks to be surprisingly good, and fast for -23 (good grip with green…[Read more]

  • Classic skied Jack Pine, Blueberry, and Boulder Hill. Fresh 10cm of snow on the ground rendering the tracks hard to find. These trails were skier tracked by the four of us there this morning. Poling is decent from previous grooming. Very little in the way of the rocks or debris others commented on poking through anymore. Conditions will probably…[Read more]

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