Allan H

  • Friday afternoon 2:30 BHP +1c
    Skied Esker, and parts of Chickadee and bluestem. The sun and warm weather has had little effect on the trails, just the odd spot.
    All the do not walk on the ski trail signs are up, just a few foot prints on the trails.

  • Hi, at birdshill this morning, I would like to thanks the park staff for setting the tracks today. I skied bluestem to the shack then back chickadee, chickadee is in really good shape, bluestem a little thin in spots.

  • Nice ski today, bright sun, no wind and all trails freshly groomed.

  • Allan H posted an update in the group Group logo of City of Winnipeg parksCity of Winnipeg parks 1 year, 8 months ago

    Thursday, Jan 13, 1:30
    I stopped in at harbour view, the groomer was just starting to groom the trail. So I am thinking some of the city park trails have been done today.

  • The spruce trail was groomed. By the setup of the track I would say it was done yesterday with the snowmobile trails.
    I didn’t see any other groomed trails when I left at 1:00 PM

  • Hi, skated the GUR this Monday morning, the glide was better than I thought @ -17C, there hasn’t been many skaters and the corduroy is still good.

  • Thursday @ 12:30 no grooming done. with a quick conversation with parks they don’t intend to. Hopefully they will reconsider and give us Christmas gift.

    I skated the GUR, only one other set it tracks before me. The glide seemed fine, tiring lifting the skis out of the snow.

    • Thanks for posting. I can understand that re-grooming the classic tracks might result in worse conditions because of leaves/dirt being churned up. Also, after the new snow is skied in, conditions should still be good in most places where the underlying tracks are good. However, I think re-grooming the Group Use Road will result in much better…[Read more]

      • Yes, it is very unfortunate that the park staff does not differentiate the skating from the classic. The grooming criteria needs to be different for each. Skate trails need less snow and require more frequent grooming to stay in good condition.

  • Got the skate skis out today, the GUR is in good condition. The snow has been worked in down the centre section and has covered up any of the ice below. No problem getting a good edge. There is possibility of one thin section (out side edge) on the north west area that looks like someone hit some pavement or something.

  • Tuesday afternoon, -14c skied parts of aspen and chickadee. The snow is squeaky and grippy. The tracks are thin in some areas that were open to the wind and a small area on top section of esker hill is blown out. Get out and enjoy it.

  • Today I skied chickadee and bluestem, with the bit of snow this afternoon most of the debris has been covered up, a very good ski for me this afternoon. 3:00 PM just a few skiers around.